Place to visit in Karlovac City, Croatia

Karlovac is a city and municipality in central Croatia. According to the National census held in 2011 population of the settlement of Karlovac was 55,705. Karlovac is the administrative center of Karlovac County. Karlovac is located at the junction of 4 rivers as 1) the Kupa, 2) Korana, 3) Mrežnica and 4) Dobra. It is therefore locally known as “the city on four rivers”. In fact, only three rivers flow through the city itself and the fourth, the river Dobra, is a bit on the outskirts. Because Karlovac is the home of one of Croatia’s most famous breweries, natives also sometimes joke about the “fifth river”. Also, Karlovac is the famous brewing city of Croatia.

Where to go: (Hrvatska)

1. Korana

2. Aquatika

3. Dubovac Castle

The Dubovac Castle overlooks the Croatian city Karlovac and the square tower was probably built during the 13th century.

4. Karlovac City Museum

The first initiatives for the establishment of a museum in Karlovac emerged in the late 19th century, but it was not until December 18, 1904 that the Town Council rendered its opinion on the need to establish a museum and provided the initial funds of 500 crowns. Due to insufficient funds no activities were initiated, and only in 1911 was a Museum Committee founded with the task of collecting material, which was supposed to be accommodated in a temporarily assigned room on the second floor of the Town Hall.

5. Museum of Homeland War in Karlovac (Muzej Domovinskog rata Karlovac-Turanj)

At the Old Austrian Barracks, in the City District of Turanj, 4 km from the center of Karlovac, along the Karlovac – Plitvice State Road, the Karlovac City Museum has organized the Museum of the Homeland War. Since the construction of the wooden guard tower of the turn in 1582, which, with the military frontier guards, guarded the southern approaches to the fortress of Karlovac from the Ottoman conquerors, Turanj has been the outpost, the last line of defense of the city of Karlovac.

How to go there:

  • By bus
    There are hourly or even half-hourly buses from Zagreb throughout most of the day, the journey takes 50 minutes and costs between 40 and 50 kuna.
  • By train
    Trains from Zagreb are also frequent (slightly less so than buses, every 2-3 hours), normal passenger trains (if not late, which can happen) take about an hour, and express trains take half an hour.
  • By car
    A trip by car on the A1/A6 motorway takes only about 20 minutes from Jadranski Bridge in Zagreb. From Rijeka it’s about an hour ride.

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