What is Alaska Pollock Fish?

Let’s get to know the Alaska Pollock marine fish, the best quality collagen raw material.

The Alaskan pollock, scientifically known as Theragra chalcogramma, is a species of cod family. The body has black spots and black scales. White fish meat There is a suspension in the middle of the body. Alaskan pollock fish grow fast but have a short life.

Alaskan pollock is a fish in the Arctic Ocean. Which is a deep sea area with negative temperatures Which is a real cold water ocean fish. Alaska Pollock fish is a fish that is free from environmental contaminants. With support from the Marine Stewardship Council

Alaska Pollock lives 300 meters deep in the sea. Eats naturally. Is a fish that provides the best collagen species in the frozen sea area. Alaska Pollock fish is a fish that is high in protein, low fat, white, has a strong gel. And very flexible

Alaskan fishing Pollock is made by using nets in the water. Fishermen use sensors, which are modern technology, to help find Alaska pollock fish in order to know the precise location. And when the fish come into the net Therefore pulling the nets to catch this kind of fish to preserve the quality of the fish as much as possible

Alaskan pollock fish is used as a high-end menu in many restaurants. Especially Japanese food As well as a menu for fish dishes in a famous fast food restaurant

Currently, the Alaska Pollock fish has been used as a pure collagen concentrator. Because Alaskan sea fish species Pollock is a fish in the cold season and therefore has a lot of Omega 3 and provides high quality collagen.


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