Flip In Summer Episode 28

Xia Wenzhao browsed the recruitment website and was ready to apply for a job. In the evening, he stayed in the diving hall, thinking about it, is he going back to the United States or staying behind to fight for himself, but what should he do? But what can he give her now? Diving? Lin Naiyi is also thinking, why not give yourself a step? Does she really love Xia Wenyu? Xia Wenzhao was in the diving hall and suddenly received a courier. It was a bunch of snacks and a mobile phone.

Xia Wenzhao speculated that Lin Naiyi gave it. He refused to accept it, but he thought that he would give the recruitment company a phone call and he accepted it. And in fact this is Dorothy gift, Dorothy also worried about whether Xia Wenxi recovery. This mobile phone is the old phone that Gao Gongping borrowed from him . Gao Gongping once again confessed to Tao Les, and protecting her is his only criterion. Tao Lesi was a bit stupid and left.

Xia Wenzhao came to a design company to apply for a job, but they hit the wall again and again. Until the last company, don’t experience, hired Xia Wenzhao, handed him a case and asked him to come up with the design plan the next day. Little God’s training state today is very bad, and Ding Ye urged him to go back to rest first. The three princesses accidentally fell during the training of the cheerleaders, but she refused to go back. Everyone encouraged her to cheer.

The little god started to jump again, but the splash of water was still very large, and the leg was injured. Ding Ye asked him to go back to rest, and he refused. Because he feels that he is not as good as others, and time is too late, he wants to train. Finally, Ding Ye forced him to the infirmary. Xia Wenzhao came to the diving hall and saw that the diving team and the cheerleaders were working so hard and their hearts were touched.
Gao Gongping about Tao Lesi went to a place to go to the design competition scene, and waited until the pottery.

Because she was not prepared to add her own self-confidence and death, she was forced to stop by Gao Gongping and got on the podium. Tao Lesi talked about her own design dolls on the podium, and began to make a lot of senses. Later, she abandoned the tension, and the more she talked, the more she applauded. Xia Wenzhao is determined to have the ability to live in his own life and then go back to the United States, and then take care of his mother, and then take care of it. Tao Leisi and Gao Gongping returned from the design competition.

Tao Lesi was still not confident in herself and the speeches, and Gao Gongping trusted her, and he trained the Tao Lesi speech to train her self-marketing ability and Emergency response capability. Gao Gongping encouraged Dorothy to make Tao Les confidently multiply. The injury of the little god is not as serious as imagined. Ding Ye pushes the little god in a wheelchair. The little god feels that he is stupid, and the little god makes Ding Ye think of himself two years ago, and also makes him cherish everything he has now.

The little god sat in this wheelchair and suddenly felt that he had worked hard for so long, but he did not leave anything. There are no memories to be proud of, no medals at your fingertips, and no real testimonial. However, Ding Ye smiled and reminded him that he had true love that he did not even have. Said, Chen Na took the sly pig’s foot soup and walked to the side of the little god, Ding Ye removed. Chen Na will praise the little god, and ask the little god to get better for her, and then return to the game to kill a piece of film. Xiaoshen smiled.

Lin Naiyi called Xia Wenqi and the phone was not connected. The next day, Xia Wenqi took out the design plan and was praised by Manager Xu. When Xia Wenyu asked for the design fee, Manager Xu took him to drink. Xia Wenqi was unwilling to drink because of training, but Xu was forced to drink. Xia Wenzhao drank a big spit, and Xu was secretly squandering waste. When Xia Wenqi went to ask for the design fee, Manager Xu refused to give the design fee, and also tore Xia Wenjun’s design draft, so that the security guard drove him out of the company. Xia Wenzhao drove away, Xu always gave Xia Wenjun’s design plan to a person called Qian Zong. Xia Wenzhao was drinking on the old Zhang barbecue, but after drinking the wine, he had no money to pay. Was stopped by Lao Zhang.

Xia Wenzhao can neither help in the kitchen, nor welcome the guests in front, and the dark grilled skewers also angered the guests. After Lao Zhang calmed the anger of the guests, he scolded Xia Wenyu. Chen Na and Tao Lesi, who got the news, came in anxiously, and Tao Lesi was in a hurry to plead. The old Zhang Yi dismissed Xia Wenzhao’s uselessness, and he did not want the money he owed. He wanted to drive him away, and Xia Wenjun refused to leave.

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