Amarapura, Myanmar

Amarapura is a city adjacent to Mandalay city and has a history of being connected as a royal capital before. Therefore it’s very popular landmarks during the reign of Amon Pura of Phra Padung such as Wat Phra Maha Kandangyong, U Bein Bridge. Amarapura is also call the eternal city of Mandalay. Amarapura had been capital city for 76 years old before moved to Mandalay in about years 2400.

Amarapura which was used as the capital during the Alonphaya dynasty. This was used twice during the years 1783-1878 and 1842-1859. In the year 1859, they moved the capital to Mandalay. The palace was rebuilt there by taking materials from the palace at Amarapura and palace been abandoned. Currently, they’re only the remains on the map. The name “Amar Pura” is a name from the Pali language which means “Immortal city”. The word “Amon” should be read as “A-Ma-Ra”, not “A-Mon”. In Burmese, the name of this city is call ” Amarapura “.

Where to visit:

  • Shwaguchi Pagoda
  • Bakaya Cathedral
  • Pagoda Pagoda
  • Jao Pagoda
  • Tenjin Chedi
  • Shwe Mo Tho Pagoda
  • Chotaw Ji Pagoda

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