Ellora Caves in Verul, India

Ellora Caves (UNESCO World Heritage) built in 600-1000 or 1100 – about 1400. This cave is a temple. And religion drilled into the mountains. Just like Aztec. But created in the latter. This cave has 3 religions: Buddhist, Hindu and Shan. There are 34 caves and the first Buddhist cave. From caves 1 to 12, caves 13 to 29 are caves of Hinduism, including 17 caves and 30-34 caves. The other 5 caves are Jain caves.

The Mahayana religion among the caves. Khao Kraiwan Cave The Kailasanatha Temple is a majestic cave (cave 16). The carvings are made from the top and then dashed down to the wonders of the world. Enjoy the beautifully carved images of the goddesses such as Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Ganesa, Erawan, the goddesses, and many more.

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