Where is Sikkim?

Sikkim (सिक्किम, འབྲས་ལྗོངས་, Sikkim) is one of the states of Northeastern India. Western area of ​​contact with Nepal. The North borders with Tibet Autonomous Region and China in the east. And South West contact with West Bengal. One state of india Originally, Sikkim was an independent state. A little bigger than Delhi. Administered by the Namkel Dynasty. A small independent state may be undermined by China, which confiscates Tibet. When India gained independence Sikkim is under the same autonomy of India as it was 30 years ago. The majority of this population is a Tibetan ethnic minority. Today, the majority of the population is Nepali, accounting for 75 percent of the population.

Sikkim also one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, Sikkim has been blessed with abundant scenic beauty, pleasant weather and several other charms. The gateway to the North-Eastern part of the country, Sikkim is a wonderful place offering peaceful vacations. The list of tourist attractions in Sikkim is endless and includes several wonders. Lying in the lap of the might Himalayas, these attractions are simply alluring and definitely worth-visiting.

This tempting landlocked state of India has several natural as well as man-made wonders including monasteries, lakes, glaciers, view- points, high-altitude passes, temples, flora and fauna, fun-filled markets and more. The place offers opportunities of adventure activities as well. Explore all these gems during your tour to Sikkim.

Sikkim History

  • Prior to the 18th century, the majority of Sikkim’s population were the Lepepish people. Who migrated from Tibet Therefore, the first generation of tribes would be the Namkhal people. Descended from Minak in Tibet.
  • In the year 1268, the prince of Namkhal, known as Kye Bumsa, went to help build a Buddhist temple in Tibet. And made a fellowship with the Leprechaun named Tek Kong Tek. When Tek Kong Tek died The Lleppha people then raised the 4th son of Guru Tachychi to become the Cholall or King in 1642, ruling as an independent state.
  • Until the year 1700 Bhutan invaded Sikkim. Chocaly went to take refuge. And built temples at Pemarn Yang Se and Tach Ched invented Leppcha script Before being assassinated in 1717 by the orders of Princess Payom Wommo, loyal to Bhutan.
  • • In the early 19th century, East India Company Came to pioneer the Himalayas As a way to trade with Tibet Until the year 1814 England fought a war with Nepal. Sikkim has helped England. In return England therefore gave the Terayi area of ​​Nepal in return.
  • In the year 1816, King Sookfudgakal gave him Darjeeling to England for a resort to show goodwill. But soon the relationship began to get into trouble when England seized the Terrei region. And began as the protector of this kingdom In the 18th century, many Nepalese emigrated to this kingdom. Until becoming a majority population Until later India also became a British colony.
  • India declared independence in the 1950s, so Sikkim agreed to treaty as a city under the supervision of India, which Choppal showed only to merge with India to a certain extent.
  • In the year 1975, the uprising occurred. To demand the use of a democratic system instead of the absolute monarchy system (With support from India). This event caused the monarchy to be abolished. And resulting in Sikkim becoming a state of India.
  • Currently, Sikkim has many tourists visiting each year. Because Sikkim still has pure nature Beautiful terrain And good political stability.

The wheel of life

  • Pictures of the wheel of life Is something that wants to show the basic philosophy of Buddhism That the birth of our human beings From the karma that has been taken In the middle of the wheel There will be three kinds of animals That symbolizes human desire is 1. Chicken means greed 2. Snake means anger and 3. Pig means ignorance and lazy.
  • The next circle that covers the three animals Will be divided into half black and white In the white zone are images of humans or gods. Meaning good things Or a good life In which if humans do good deeds Will be reborn as humans or higher deities. The black zone means bad things, evil demons, or bad worlds. If any human doing evil In the next life he will be a beast or demon like in the picture.
  • The large circle is divided into sections Which shows the land of heaven, the world of humans, the world of animals, and the land of hell
  • The outer circle shows the life span that humans will encounter in all 12 stages of life. The wheel of life will be touched by monsters, teeth, nails, hands and feet in order to demonstrate the covetous love, wrath, and fury of the undead. Passion is not lacking.

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