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4 Place to visit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania State

Philadelphia is the first capital city of the united states before moving to Washington, DC which is the largest city in Pennsylvania state. This is the 6th most densely populated city in the United States. Philadelphia is a city of full history before establishment of many state. This is also a very popular tourist destination for foreigners. Today we will take you to see 4 landmarks that people come to visit Philadelphia with story of America’s history during their part.

1.Liberty Bell

Liberty bell or bell of freedom is a bell that full of meaning during American history because it was a reverberating bell after independence from the British Commonwealth in 1776. This Liberty Bell weighs is 2,080 pounds and began to hang a bell in the city of Philadelphia since 1753. The bell used when the council meeting or important events before being used to strike for independence after that they would mourn for the death of every liberator until the bell began to appear cracks. In 1835, the USA authorities canceled the bell to extend bell as long as possible.

2. Independence Park

Independence park is the center of the National Historical Park in America and located in Philadelphia. It was the location of the constitution drafting meeting in the summer of 1787. This place has a large garden. There are many exhibits such as the Liberty bell located in this park or the Independence hall is the main building in this park. It is known as a place for debate, amendment, approval of the United States Declaration Independence and the United States Constitution. Currently, this place is registered as a World Heritage Site in 1979.

3. Philadelphia Museum of Art

The art museum in Philadelphia is one of the largest art museums in America that show art work more than 227,000 piece of painting and art objects as well as art work from leading artists around the world’s. At this place also have many books in the library with many section for more than 200,000 rare printed documents be displayed in various parts of the building.

4. Fairmount Park

The park is the largest green area in Philadelphia with area over 9,200 acres. This is known as a large park with a lot of living space. People like this place because the park has shady walking paths and can relax with place for many activities including running, picnic and other outdoor activities.

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