Plain of Jars Garden, Laos

Plain of Jars garden located about 5 kilometers from the city of Phayao, the new capital of Xieng Khouang. Admission fee is 10,000 kip and opening hours are from 06:00 to 17:30.

Plain of Jars garden is an archaeological landscape. The Megalith is scattered throughout the Xieng Khou plateau. Xieng Khouang Province North of Laos composed of thousands of large stones. Appear as a group Along the line and surrounded by high valleys. Tung Hai Stone City Xieng Khouang Province The miracle of the container is shaped like a jar made of sandstone. Scattered Some jars are found in the human skeleton. Or beads from China. Tai jewelry And the bronze image of Vietnam. This is a riddle to this day.

Tung Nga Stone is a major tourist attraction of Xieng Khouang. The villagers went to the forest and hunted. The container is shaped like jars made of sandstone is small to large. Maximum weight is 15 tons and the smallest leaves weigh 40 – 50 kg, scattered throughout the city of Phon Sawan. It is also called Thung Jai Stone, and there are many other stone fields in the city of Xieng Khouang. Most stone jars are extracted from local sandstone. But there are many that have traces drawn from elsewhere. Some jars are not finished yet. It also discovers human skeleton in some jars. This is a testimony to the use of stone at the funeral, and the slab of stone near the lid, which is found nearby. The jar is probably a stone plate used to cover the jar while the ceremony was completed around the stone jar, found beads from China. Tai jewelry And the bronze image of Vietnam. It is enough to predict that the tribe who made the stone jar will have to be prosperous and civilized. Archaeologists later declare that. Owner of this civilization. It may be the work of the sneeze in Vietnam that has fallen. It is a skill of Lao Tho. Living in Ardipu District Northeast of Laos Adjacent to the Cambodian border For this stone field, the access road. In the city of Phayao. Xieng Khouang Province. There are three groups are as

Group 1 is located away from downtown Phon Sawan. South east To the old capital city of Coon. The distance is about 7.5 kilometers. There are 200 jars scattered in the meadow and larger than in other groups. The biggest hill is located on the right hand side. The jar facing Tung Jai Airport, where the stone jar is located, is another beautiful viewpoint, because it overlooks the Thung Hai Rock. Royal Thai Air Force Downtown Phonsawan On the right hand side, there will be a staircase leading to another stone yard. Which is more in this viewpoint. If you look from the viewpoint to the left, you will see dozens of leaves lined up in full grass. Next to the left side of the field, the rock will find a cave with sunlight splash down. Inside the cave is a chimney with a height of about 60 meters inside the cave is not very deep. It can contain 50 to 60 people. This cave was used as a refuge for the war of the people of Xieng Khouang when the plane bombing. It was used as a store of weapons and fuel when the Indochina War. The area around the jar field on the scenic spot is found trenches digging long trenches to prevent air attacks. And many big bombs. The scattered rock marks were the result of the American B 52 squadron.

Group 2 rock is a group of rocks Phu Slaton. Next to the city of Phnom Sala, about 25 kilometers south, covering two hillside areas, there are 94 scattered jars in the meadow.

Group 3 Jade Stone Slope Camp located next to the rock group Phu Slaso about 10 km, there are about 150 stone jars scattered on the hill. Look down and see the plain of the rice field of Chiang Mai. Which is on the hill next to the clear.

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