Yao Beach in Trang, Thailand

Haad Yao (also spelled Had Yao, Long Beach in Thai) is a seven-kilometre-long pristine beach located in Trang province. This beach is about 47 miles from his shark’s fin distinctive emblem. Yong Ling pointed to stretch which is about 5 km long beach with extensive beaches. Suited to the camps. But be cautious about swimming because deep and rough. Next to is a beach that stretches to the west known as Chao Mai beach about 5 kilometers long will be suitable for swimming because the water is shallow and wide. Also in foreground that you can see Ngai Island which is not far away from the beach and have white sand with calm. The shady pine grove behind the beach is rocky side. At low tide could traverses rocks into a small cove. Another one is called Chao Po Bay coastline with sea grass up a lot. It is a source of livelihood of dozens of dugong herds.

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