Montmartre in Paris, France

Montmarte also known as Sacre Couer Basilica is 130 meters high on north part of Paris. This is the highest point of the city. On top of that is home to the Sacramento church. This place is church and a secondary cathedral in the Roman Catholic.

The church was designed by Paul Abadi. He is French architect who was one of the 77 architects that won many contest. The construction began in 1875 and completed in 1914. It’s laying the foundation after the second World War two in 1919. For over 200 years that the Montmartre area has the charm and vibrancy story.

This is built for a monument dedicated to the French people who died from the war with Prussia. This designed was accord to Roman-Byzantine art style which is very beautiful and magnificent.

This place area is on the hill at the top of that is the Sacre Coeur. It is a beautiful and quite distinctive church. People often go on evening time where you can sit in front of the church and see nice view. They mostly come to get some fresh air and rest also look from the stairs in front of the church and the city of Paris. From the train station when you walk through small alley on both side have shop that sell souvenir.

How to get there:

  • Montmartre and place nearby this areas are where we can walk. It is not far from the Garda Nord train station.

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