Mont Saint Michel Cathedral in France

Mont Saint Michel is one of France’s must-see attractions which located about 300 kilometers from Paris. The cathedral church is located on the west coast of France in the Bordeaux-Normandy region and located on an isolated island in the middle of the sea. This is the beauty of architecture when combined with environment around. It is dream castle because there is a blend of Gothic and Romanesque design with very old and full of history. In 1979, Mont Saint Michel Cathedral registered as a World Cultural Heritage History and architecture by UNESCO. It is also regarded as one of the wonders Western world. This is also one of the three most popular tourist attractions in France. Each year, there are more than 3 million visitors come.

The originally island was called “Mont Tombe” according to legend that was built from the incarnation of Saint Obert. The priest did not believe at the first time until his third incarnation after waking up and shocked that there were signs on his head by Angel. Resulted from belief then construction of this place then finally started create after the French Revolution. The cathedral became prisoner for political. Even Victor Ugo who has played an important role in the campaign to cancel was prison and been restored in here. The Mont Saint Michel Cathedral is constructed of granite, medieval natural fortress around 155 meters high. On the top of the Cathedral is a statue of the angel Michael and created by the famous sculptor who name is “Emmanuel Frémiet“.

During the year of 966, when Benedictine priest from Saint-Wondry Cathedral has designed and built a church including all new buildings in here are more perfect and still stronger than the original. Until becom to large monastery and there is also new official name Mong-Saint-Mech. This has become an archaeological site and been ranked for many people who are very proud to come and visit this place.

Take route from Paris to Mont Saint Michel Cathedral

For traveling to Mont Saint Michel Cathedral that you can get there by high speed train (TGV). After take the TGV train to the Rennes or Dol De Bretagne train station and take a bus to get there.

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