4 Popular Shopping area in Taipei, Taiwan

Many place in Taipei is easy to walk and shopping. This is place that people want to get to know about Taiwanese live and what are they shopping. Cost of shopping and eat are not much expensive.

1.Ximending Night Market (西門町) – Ximending Market is another highlight of Taipei City and also a night market. You can travel to this market on the subway to the Ximen station on the blue line. There will be a center of youth come to shopping. There are shopping areas along the alleys and meeting place for teenagers. There are shops, restaurants. Hangout.

2. Gongguan Night Market (公館) – Gongguan Night Market that located around National Taiwan University (國立台灣大學). This market is market that teenage comes very often because close to university. This market have many thing from clothes, shoes, foods, and drinks. You can take MRT subway to go down at Gongguan station and walk around.

3. Wufenpu Shopping District (五分埔) is clothing wholesale market in Taipei, Taiwan. The shopping place is the largest wholesale clothing and many people come to buy clothes for sell. Also, this place have many grades, quality, and price. There are both new and second hand items. Some clothes items are import from Thailand, Korea, and Japan. Wufenpu open from 14.00 pm and close around 22.00 – 24.00 at night.

You can get here and travel at MRT subway and get off at Songshan station then take exit 3 or 4.Note that when you come to visit and shopping during on Monday will be a wholesale day and merchants will be busy. But on Sunday usually has discounted items and if you want new items visit shopping place on Tuesday.

4. Taipei City Mall (台北地下街) located at the intersection of the Daan and Zhongzheng districts in Taipei. It is the first underground markets in Taipei City. This shopping center open from 11.00 am – 21.30 pm. Taipei city mall have many other products such as clothes, bags, shoes, umbrellas and restaurants. There are both products from China and Taiwan. This area are located in the zone Y1 – Y 12. On the middle zone that similar to the cultural art show. People come here to see talent show. You can walk around and see a lot of products in underground here.

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