Apricot Comes Out of the Wall at Yizhigong

Apricot Comes Out of the Wall at Yizhigong (Novel)
Other Name: 一枝宫杏出墙来

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Hongying
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Lu Chunyi Jifenglong, who was originally an ordinary white-collar worker in modern times, accidentally traveled to ancient times in a car accident and became a little court lady by the emperor’s side. In an assassination, when the emperor rescued her, she was shocked. From then on, she fell on him, confessed to him and courted…

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“I want to drink water.” Lu Chunyi said when he saw that he was going to leave. Finally, there was a two-person world and no one disturbed Lu Chunyi. How could Lu Chunyi let him go easily. “The water in the lake is not good.” Lu Chunyi returned. Make up a knife, suggesting that she is really miserable.

Hearing that Ji Fenglong really stopped, turned and walked to the table to pour water for Lu Chunyi.

Ji Fenglong brought the tea cup to Lu Chunyi, and Lu Chunyi blinked, “Hey.”

Ji Fenglong looked like drinking or not, Lu Chunyi said coquettishly: “I can’t hold it without strength.”

Ji Fenglong stooped to help Lu Chunyi and fed it to her.

“Actually, I fell into a river.” Lu Chunyi said seriously.

Hearing that Ji Fenglong is very serious, is there anyone who wants to harm Lu Chunyi?

Seeing his serious look, Lu Chunyi tried not to laugh and said, “Fall in your love.”

“…” Ji Fenglong was speechless. It seemed that she was really worried. She flirted with herself as soon as she woke up, as if something was going on.

“You have a good rest, I am back to the palace.” Ji Fenglong was afraid that Lu Chunyi would come up with other tricks to deal with him if he stayed any longer.

“Won’t you wait a while?” Lu Chunyi said, “Ling’er martial arts contest will begin immediately, you…you won’t see me.”

“You don’t have to go to the martial arts contest, so you can keep healthy.” This sentence reminded Ji Fenglong that she is not a person who lives idle, and ordered.

“Huh?” Lu Chunyiwan didn’t expect Ji Fenglong to say that. She just wanted to use this reason to let him stay a little longer.

“This is the imperial edict.” Ji Fenglong said bluntly, knowing that she would not obey, and deliberately said the imperial edict.

“Yes, the maidservant obeyed.” Lu Chunyi perfunctorily, the palace is so big, but everyone must pay attention to the martial arts competition, who would pay attention to himself as a little palace lady.

He promised, but what I thought was another matter.

Ji Fenglong opened the door and went out, still with a low face. The last time he was assassinated had not been found out and this time he was drowning again. Ji Fenglong wouldn’t be able to show his power.

“Brother Emperor…” Ji Tailing waited outside the door, waiting to see through.

“Let’s take a look.” Ji Fenglong left after speaking, regardless of Ji Tailing’s expression.

“Yi’er.” Looking at the emperor’s brother, Ji Tailing knew that Lu Chunyi should be fine, otherwise the temperature around him would at least drop to an unbearable level.

Lu Chun Yi Ji Tai Ling, who was watching the movement on the bed, was extremely happy and ran over.

“Don’t get excited, be careful to hurt me.” Lu Chunyi said before Ji Tailing pounced.

Ji Tailing stopped abruptly, she was weak now, she really couldn’t be impulsive.

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