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Chicago Travel Guide Information

Chicago is given the nickname as “Windy City” because of strong currents blowing throughout the year. The weather will fluctuate but never appeared natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes. This wind causes normal temperatures to become colder from a normal cold to cold polarity causing the spring and autumn to be abnormal because actually the weather should gradually start to get cold. From the heat it can become cold immediately. Therefore, the cold season in Chicago is quite long about October until May for eight months. It always snowy and quite a lot when it was snowing. The weather is not that cold but after stopping the fall and accumulating snow piles throughout the city will make the weather very cold.

Landmark places to visit in Chicago

Michigan Avenue, Milwaukee Ave, and Lasallestreet. This road is a business road and many interesting places in Chicago city is a city that has many high-rise buildings including Sear Tower, John Hancock Building and Amoco Building, etc. There are major shopping centers on Michigan Avenue (Magnificent Miles) with leading department stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Sak Fifth Avenue, Nieman Marcus, Marshall Field’s, etc. There are 46 famous museums including Museum of Science and Industry, Art Institute of Chicago, Field Museum, etc. There are over 150 theaters, over 7,000 international restaurants (of which there are More than 200 foreign restaurants), the largest library (the Harold Washington Library). The unique building is the Willis tower – tallest building.

Traveling in Chicago by use pass;

Travel is quite convenient. Recommended to buy a cta pass, which is a charter day ticket. The ticket can be used with trains, buses, and the Chicago bus system is very convenient. You can read the travel directions from the tourist map. Price with a 1-day pass ticket deal $ 5.75, 3 days $14 and then 7 days $23. If you don’t have a card, then have to pay $2.25 each trip. More information can be search at

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