Get to Seoul Downtown from Incheon International Airport of Korea. How to?

Incheon International Airport is Korea’s largest airport and one of the most passengers pass by around the world same as Changi Airport in Singapore. This airport located on newly built island with the reclamation of two islands together. The coast of Incheon in the west side connect to the big island by express way only about 50 Kilometers from Seoul city center. You can check the promotion price at AREX online express train tickets.

There are many ways to travel from Incheon to Seoul. The most popular ways by use the express train service at the airport (Airport Railroad Express or AREX in short) with non-stop parking at all subway stations, limousine buses and tag buses. The fastest way to travel from the airport to Seoul downtown is Airport express train or AREX because it directly to stop at the last destination station at Seoul Station as the heart of the main city same as in Taipai, Taiwan. There is line to travel at various corners of Seoul as well that connent to other Korean cities. It takes about 40 minutes.

The second way is similar but as ordinary airport train and stop to many station. This can be say that the train stop about 11 subway stations before get to the last station at Seoul Station.

For travel by Airport Express Train (Airport Railroad Express or AREX) is less time but cost more as express with non-stop airport trains but better than many common on all types. Not just the spee train but inside on the locomotives are not the same such as chair is bigger and more comfort. They also have bathroom and storage room inside for express delivery.

Regular trains with all stop trains station will run through all stations as follows.

  • Seoul Station -> Gongdeok -> Hongik University -> Digital Media City -> Gimpo Int’l Airport -> Gyeyang -> Geomam -> Cheongna Int’l City -> Unseo -> Cargo Terminal -> Incheon Int’l Airport.

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