Land of Marble in Florence, Italy

Italy is a country with many outstanding art and culture. The painter’s reputation The artist grew from this country. Greater Florence This city is also considered a city of art. Not only that, this city is also a land of marble. We say better than this. Changing the atmosphere.

Marble mountain
Having said that, Florence Italy is the land of marble. Because that Florence had one marble mountain. This marble mountain is considered the only large mountain in the world, considered to be a very rare natural marble. This mountain originated from the Dolomite Mountains. Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola In the north of Italy.

Palisandro Mine
From the said mountain A mine has been built to maximize resource utilization. This quarry is regarded as one of the world’s finest marble procurement mines. The marble from this mine became an export product, making money for the villagers’ mines to the Italian economic income.
Marble from this quarry Very rare, combined with the expensive price that we might be shocked. Ask why, because marble from this quarry will have more beautiful patterns than marble from other places There are also 3 colors reflecting light, gray, blue, brown, gold sparkle. Making the marble from here exposed to sunlight will create a very beautiful sparkle for spectators.

Marble, representative of the royal family
Rare and expensive specialties of marble from Florence. Making the real estate important, the government will choose to use marble for durability For example, the palace The mansion of the royal family Noble nobility. 6-star hotel. Try to see the Cathedral of Florence to see. This temple has been fully decorated with marble from the quarry. Over 800 years ago, it still stands majestically against the sun, the wind and unabashedly, while also showing off the beauty of the sun.

Another thing in Florence that stands out is the sculpture. Most of them are built from marble in Florence. To be counted as the ultimate, it must have been a sculpture of David. A beautiful young man who has been through it for 3 centuries is still beautiful. Or other statues such as Neptune, Apollo, and the Kosimo Monument, etc. These sculptures are still waiting for us to admire. Touching (with the eyes) in Florence, Italy. Just getting David is worth the sight.

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