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Los Angeles Travel Guide Information

Los Angeles or LA is the second most populous city in the United States. On the east side of America. In California, LA is a city that large and very wide area including many famous neighborhoods. Many people know well as Hollywood, Downtown, Long Beach, Venice, Beverly Hills, etc. Places that you may be familiar with such as Disneyland, Universal Studio. Also has luxury shopping such as Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills . Person who want to study in LA and thought about many foods type and atmosphere. At LA, they have Thai’s Town as a community for Thai people and is near Hollywood not only Thai town also have China town and many town that foreign people come and live in the city design for them to get together.

Temperature: The weather in LA can be considered a city with good weather for most of the year. The summer temperature is around 22 – 30 degrees during the month, while the minimum temperature is around 9 degrees. In the autumn and spring, the weather is quite similar, about 12 – 23 degrees.
Rain: In LA, rain won’t fall into season. It is similar to the southern California city of San Diego. The month with the most chance of getting the rain is during the month of November-March, but there may be a storm and it rains all year round
Cost of living: medium to high (Rent around 650 – 900 USD per month)

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