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New York Travel Guide Information

New York is one of the most popular cities whether it be studying or traveling. The city being one of the most socialized cities in the world. There are activities to do all day and all night. There is a world-class event and various concerts throughout the year with shopping avenue. There is no world-class brand without a store in New York. Ethnic diversity is another thing that makes New York special in English but there are more than 800 other languages that everyone is living, eating, working, living together. With search for the future according to your own beliefs in this same city named as New York City so when thinking of New York, you will think of the Broadway stage, the world financial center, Time Square, Empire State Building, food from all corners of the world, Subway, Traffic jams, Central Park, The Rock, Homeless, artwork and most importantly feeling that “Anything can increase in New York.”

Temperature: New York has 4 seasons as winter temperatures minus 5 degrees Celsius, Spring is 13-20 degrees, Summer is 28-19 degrees and Autumn is 6. -22 degree.
Rain: There is some rain due to the subtropical humid area.
Cost of living: High (accommodation costs around 700 – 1200 USD per month).

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