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Portland City in Oregon in USA

Portland is the largest city in the north of Oregon. On the Pacific coast of Northwest is a city that have a lot of rain and dense tree. Portland has two major rivers as 1) the Willamette River which divides Portland into the east and west, and 2) the Columbia River which separates from Portland, Oregon and Washington, Seattle. It is one of the cities that has a very good place and good public transport system as the most shady of the country. There are parks every two road sections which is a city that has many rose gardens that are nicknamed Portland is ranked No. 2 in America’s with most secure city and has the best downtown area in the country.

Temperature: There are 4 seasons, with winter temperatures 1-8 degrees, spring temperatures are 8-20 degrees, summer is 13-28 degrees, and autumn is 8-20 degrees (there are Drizzling throughout the year)
Rain: It rains a lot and falls all year.

Cost of living: medium to low (Rent around 450 – 650 USD per month)

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