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San Diego Travel Guide Information

San Diego is a city known as the birthplace of California. It is truly one of the world’s best beach culture cities. This city has famous beaches and many styles of beaches. There is a beach that suitable for all groups of people must be visited such as Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, and if you are interested in surfing, don’t miss La Jolla Beach with more than 25 other beaches around the city. Not only beach in San Diego city but also have museums and zoos. Another thing that you can’t miss once is renting a car and drive along the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to San Francisco. It has been ranked as the Top 4 of The best road trip of the word.

Temperature: San Diego temperatures throughout the year are very stable, around 15 – 22 Celsius, winter temperatures being 12-17 Celsius and summer up to 34 Celsius on some days.
Rain: San Diego will have unpredictable rain each year because the weather in each year is changing but according to statistics during the month of heavy rain the most chance is November – March.
Cost of living: medium high (cost around 500 – 750 USD per month)

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