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San Francisco Travel Guide Information

When talking about San Francisco most people think that it is very big city but actually, the city of San Francisco is a small district. Each of these small districts is called the county which is called San Francisco Bayside. The most important area is San Francisco City are places that we have seen in the movies or frequent dramas such as the Golden Gate Bridge, etc. There are many people here and can be said that it similar to New York such as students, workers, foreigners, homeless tourists, so it’s like a big city in general. Many people tend to compare San Francisco with New York as a big city but people in here are more friendly than New York. The weather here is warmer and much more stable. In addition, people in San Francisco have an outdoor life style that is as casual as California’s. There is a good jacket all year long.

San Francisco city surrounded by the sea based in California that have the Golden Gate Bridge and pretty house. The information that we know about San Francisco because most reviews focus on New York City which is much more eye-catching, but that’s fine. San Francisco, as we know it, can not be beaten.

Temperature: San Francisco can be considered a city with good weather for most of the year. The temperature doesn’t change much every month. Generally, the lowest temperature is around 8-15 C and the highest temperature is 14-22 C.
Rain: In the Bay Area, it will rain a lot during November until the coming month of the following year. In the middle of the year there will be very little rainfall.
Cost of living: very high (rent around $900 – $1,300 USD per month)

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