The Ugly Queen of Feng’s Attack Against the World

The Ugly Queen of Feng’s Attack Against the World (Novel)
Other Name: 凤逆天下之进击的丑后

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: the deadly mourners
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist is like snow and Ronghua. She is an outstanding top agent in this world. She was seriously injured and unconscious during the mission, and then woke up. Finding herself in a quaint room, she crossed. The lord is a daughter of the Great Sagong Mansion, but she looks ugly and has a bad personality. The family in the mansion don’t treat her very much.

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Luyu was surprised and looked at Li Wan, the mistress of the house, as if she thought she had heard it wrong.

“I’ll let you burn it!” Li Wanyin looked at Luyu impatiently, repeating this sentence.

“Yes, but this is…” The letter from Miss Fourth to Master Xun! Luyu looked at Li Wan hesitantly, not quite understanding why Madam did this.

How could Li Wan not know that this was a letter from the younger daughter to Xun Shou, but it was just after reading it that she felt that her love for so many years really made her lack the intelligence of her elder daughter.

She actually wrote a letter asking why Xun Shou left, whether that Feng Ruxue said something bad about herself, and said that she was beaten in the face by the wind Ruxue! !

How could such a thing tell Xun Shou, even if he wanted Xun Shou to avenge her, it would definitely not work.

Once Xun Shou thought that she was disfigured, or that this departure was indeed related to wind and snow, how could the daughter of that slut be kind! It must have done something that Xun Shou was annoyed with, that made him feel angry and leave.

At this time, Hua’er asked everything to make the angry Xun Shou even more angry.

Li Wan deserves to be a person with a lot of heart and soul. After guessing in this way, she has guessed what happened in Caiyun Pavilion.

But she never imagined that what Feng Ruxue irritated Xun Shou was nothing but threatening him to be her male favorite.

And Xun Shou was also restrained by wind like snow.

Seeing that Li Wan had made up his mind, Luyu couldn’t persuade him. Just remembering that Miss Fourth was still waiting for Master Xun’s reply, she said about it.

Li Wan listened, thought about it, and said: “After a few days, when she gets better, I will explain it myself.”

Seeing this, Luyu couldn’t say anything more.

In that room, Feng Luohua was still imagining that after Xun Shou received her letter, she would know what happened between Xun Shou and Feng Ruxue as long as she responded.

No wonder Feng Luohua asked Xunshou’s reason so straightforwardly, but it was because when she thought of the wind and snow that was different from the past, there was always a feeling that something was out of control.

Perhaps in front of her father that day, Feng Ruxue, who was arrogant and unreasonable, was too unfamiliar. No matter how ugly she was, she could not stop Feng Luohua from being jealous of her.

Caiyun Pavilion.

After expelling Xun Shou’s nap, Zi Huan found out from the world that Xun Shou had left without seeing the fourth young lady.

Feng Ruxue smiled secretly, knowing his mind about Xun Shou, isn’t it the so-called male chauvinism.

Such a stingy, courageous, greedy and fearful man turned out to be the object of jealousy for all the ladies and ladies. There were really very few handsome men in the Jintian Dynasty.

However, thinking of the young master of the Tianlong Merchant Group that Yuelai Inn saw, the corner of Feng Ruxue’s mouth raised an inexplicable smile, which was very subtle.

“Miss, it’s late, let’s rest early.” Zi Huan persuaded Feng Ruxue to make the bed.

Ji Yan and Wen Rong looked at each other and did not leave.

In the past, Feng Ruxue snatched them as male pets, and always liked to ask someone to accompany…to sleep at night.

Yes, sleep.

I don’t know if Fengruxue used to experience too painful things, never alone at night, like to call male pets, torture them, imagine that they are Xunshou, and fall asleep.

Since Feng Ruxue was stabbed by them, he has been recovering from injuries and never asked them to sleep.

this will……

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