Mr. Lu are my destiny

Mr. Lu, you are my destiny
Other Title: Chief Boss
Nan Wu
novel, novel, urban romance

Su Li has fed dogs for 15 years of youth. Once betrayed by her husband, she resolutely divorced and turned around to meet Lu Yanbei, the man who spoiled her. In her world, Su Li thought she was compensated by God, but she didn’t want to be the cause and effect planted six years ago…

Su Li coldly looked at the two people who came to the palace in front of them.

One is her mother-in-law Li Wenjuan, and the other is a child-rearing tool that her mother-in-law carefully arranged for her husband, commonly known as’small! three’.

“Suli, sign it! Let me go of my son.”

Li Wenjuan arrogantly used the chin to compare the cheque on the coffee table. “I signed it, and this is yours.”

Su Li looked faint.

After taking the property agreement,

she turned over two pages, “How many months?” she asked the little boy opposite! Three, eyes are not raised.

“It’s almost five months.” Little! Three truthfully answered.

“How many times have you slept?”

“Eight times.”

It’s quite clear to remember.

“Suli, what are you doing? Trial the prisoners!”

Li Wenjuan couldn’t see it anymore and began to protect the young! Three, “You can’t blame her for this. You can only blame your own stomach for being too dissatisfied. It’s been five years. I have raised chickens and laid eggs at home. But what about you?”

She waved impatiently. “Taking this money, I quickly vacated Mrs. Lu’s position to others, less occupying the mao pits and not shit.” Su Li chuckled and nodded his

chin. “It sounds like you are like me. Public toilet.”

You– ” Li Wenjuan heard her say her son, his face green.

“Sister Su Li, you have been married to Chen Jiu for so many years, don’t you understand?”

To be honest, Xiaoer finally opened his mouth, and his tone was gentle and gentle, but the words were conspicuous, “Why doesn’t Chen Jiu want to touch you? Because he has cleanliness, he thinks you are dirty, he says your body is better than others The sewer is still dirty, so it is impossible for him to touch you at all, not in the past, not now, and not in the future! Just like that, do you still have to occupy Chen Jiu? Besides, you two have been separated for many years now, The law has long disapproved of your marriage.”

Little! Three words fell, and Zurich also turned over the last page of the property agreement.

Yes, small! Three is right. The law has long disapproved of her and Lu Chenjiu’s marriage, but as long as she doesn’t bite the agreement one day, no one can take her.

She threw the agreement on the coffee table, folded her legs gracefully, crossed her knees with her hands, and leaned back, “I don’t agree with you what you asked me to sign? I’m going to use this tens of millions to send Sorry, I remember the division of the property, the couple should be halfway, I can’t even look at the ten million, so I won’t sign it, and the money will trouble you to take it away.”


Li Wenjuan took the case and said, “Don’t push your nose to face.”

Su Li looked up and looked at Li Wenjuan, who was angry, and smiled slightly, “Mother-in-law, I just want to watch your most precious grandchildren become private in the eyes of others! “


Li Wenjuan raised her hand and wanted to fan her.

Su Li was about to reach out, but he didn’t want to. There was a hand that grabbed Li Wenjuan’s hand before her.

It is actually today’s actor Lu Chenjiu.

“Mom, what are you doing?”

Lu Chenjiu loosened his mother’s hand, and the long body subconsciously stopped in front of Su Li.

“Nine Brother!”

small! Seeing the landing on September 9th, Bai Jing’s small face showed a surprise look, and got up and approached him softly, said: “You are here…”

Su Li couldn’t help but raised his eyes and looked at the pair of dogs beside him. men and women.

small! The third paragraph is very high. When talking to Lu Chenjiu, the voice is always soft, the gesture is coquettish, and the charming of some little women is revealed, which can be said to be very pleasing to men.

What about Lu Chenjiu?

The steep facial features are like artificial carvings, the outline is sharp and cold, the face is cold, and it is a feeling that it is not easy to get close.

“Who made you come here?”

He asked coldly. Third, Jian Mei deep twist.

“Nine Brother, I…”

“I let her come, what’s wrong?”

Li Wenjuan was too small! Three, behind her, “What are you fierce about her? What happened to her here? She is your son’s mother, and will also be the hostess of this family in the future! It is just right for you to come back. The book was signed together.”

“Who said I was going to get divorced!”

Lu Chenjiu’s voice was cold in his bones, and at the end, he turned his eyes coldly again! Three faces, “If you want to stay by my side, go and take the baby in your belly.”

“Nine Brother…”

Little! The tears gathered in the three eye sockets rushed out.

“Lu Chenjiu, are you crazy? You really want to be mad at me as a mother, don’t you?” Li Wenjuan thumped his chest for a while.

“Nine Brother, I’m wrong, I’m sorry, if you don’t like me coming here, I won’t come again, we won’t let the children off, shall we? He is innocent…”

Little! Three tears at Chen Chenjiu’s sleeves, crying to him.

Lu Chenjiu reached out and wiped the tears on her cheek for her. “You are not worthy to have a baby with me Lu Chenjiu.”

Plain tone, but said the most unsympathetic words.

“What about her? Is she worthy?”

Little! Three pointed at Su Li, and asked him unwillingly, “How dirty is this woman, don’t you know?”

Lu Chenjiu glanced down at Su Li on the sofa, his eyes cold.

For a long time, only four words were spoken, “She is even more unworthy!”


Su Li got up, “You three continue to sing slowly in this play, I’m still rushing to work, I will not accompany!”

She finished, carrying the bag, stepping on the seven-inch small high heels, raising her chin, like a proud Peacock, go out.

“Chen Nine, you look at her, you see what her attitude! Others are engaged in is a big break through the stomach! Shoes, in the end where’s face close to our home land.”


mother harsh words, is Su Li was behind the door.

Breathing out a breath, warning himself not to cry, but with tears in his mouth, he went out one by one.

Lu Chenjiu’s sentence’She’s more unworthy’, more like a knife, slammed into her heart and made her bleed like blood.

Lu Chenjiu is unworthy, why should he marry?

After listening to Su Li’s rehearsal in the morning, Gu Ni Nian itched her teeth, “This Lu Chenjiu is really not a thing! He is a beast! He is a beast! A beast! His mother is also, actually Come off to find the son in person! Three, lying trough! How could she not go on the court to give birth to her son in person?”

The curse of the girlfriend made Su Li laugh out loud.

The mist in her eyes was even heavier, and she looked up and drank the bloody cocktail in the glass.

The spirits crossed the throat, the scarlet stained the eyes, and all the internal organs were like being soaked in sulfuric acid and burning.

“Today, I have loved this bastard for 15 years. From the first time I saw him at the age of twelve, until now, every year, I have been him throughout my youth…”

Su Li separated his eyes. The misty water vapor seemed to see them again in their youth.

At that time they were simple, beautiful and carefree.

Until she was twenty-one years old, a strange man broke into her life forcibly, took her for the first time, and even made her pregnant with his kind.

At that time, she wanted to take the baby for the first time, but she didn’t give up after all, but she knew that the baby died in her womb when she was only eight months old.