Wiangkalong Museum in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Wiang Kalong is a center for religious development where is dhamma retreat. People always come to practices Dharma. Wat Wiang Kalong is located in Wiang Kalong Subdistrict, Wiang Pa Pao District, Chiang Rai Province and has Wiangkalong Museum inside .Wiangkalong Museum has gathered knowledge of the long history of Wiang Kalong, where used to be a city with great prosperity in the past. Especially as a production of clay pottery that well-known throughout the various regions in the past .

The ancient moat is the evidence discovery that is not geometry shape like many other cities in the north, moat and 2-tiered city walls made from soil that were dug up . It is a braces shape stretching from the north to the south. People might be lost here easily that came from meaning of “ Wiangkalong”. Before this place is called “ Yuan Chiang “(it is assumed to be the city of Chiang Lao or Chiang Rai) and the name Wiangkalong went to agree with the Buddha’s history ,part of The origin of the five Buddhists.

Wiang Kalong is an ancient town with a history of producing precious wares about 500 years ago. The quality of the volcanic soil and the artwork that is the prototype of beauty that make Sala Thitichitang inspire the creation. Continuing the past to the present With love and determination to become a great product Of Wiang Kalong Subdistrict Establishing a reputation in foreign countries With the clear intention of conservation And create understanding with the new generation To cherish the treasures of the land.

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