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Chang Le: Medicine King Fenghua

Chang Le: Medicine King Fenghua (Novel)
Other Name: 倾世长乐:药王风华

Genre: novel, romance, traveler
Author: Big Ear Beast
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The hero and heroine Murong Xi Bailiyi, once traversed, became a waste princess, who was born with blocked meridians and could not cultivate internal power. Cowardly and humiliated by her, her sister framed her to destroy her innocence and let her live in the same room with the Caihua Thief. When the cold eyes opened again, no one could insult her anymore…

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Bai Liyi ignored the petrified Murongxi, lowered his body, and helped the middle-aged man up: “You are still toxic, don’t kneel, get up and rest.”

“Thank you, Lord.” The middle-aged man slowly got up, and then lay on the bed again.

And every time this man called a master to a thief, it undoubtedly hit her heart every time, shaking a lot.

A chill rose from the soles of the feet and continued to cool down to the bottom of my heart, my God, how stupid what she did in front of him before!

Seeing Murongxi’s face pale, Bai Liyi was stunned, and his eyes flashed: “Princess Changle, why don’t you pay respect to this king after seeing this king?”

Murongxi was shocked by these words, moving his stiff body, immediately changed his docile face, and bowed to Bailiyi: “Changle has seen the regent, and he was completely impolite. It’s because Changle doesn’t know the identity of the prince, and he who doesn’t know is not guilty, so please don’t blame Changle.”

Murongxi, who was kneeling on the ground, felt a little uneasy in his heart. This man wouldn’t use this to make a fuss, would he embarrass Xiyue and the group?

Just as Murongxi was thinking about all kinds of madness, a man’s low voice came from his head. The voice was flat and unwavering, and there was no joy or anger.

“Get up.”

Murongxi slowly got up and saw a glance at the man’s phoenix eyes: “Princess Changle has been screaming for lewd thief since she saw this king. Is this king in Changle’s heart a lewd thief?”

“…” Murong Xi sneered in his heart, this man, if he is really not good at fault, he is starting to find fault now!

She felt all kinds of complaints in her heart, but she didn’t dare to show any more.

After all, this is the ancient times of autocratic monarchy, and her life and death depend on the words of the man in front of her!

She didn’t want to lose big because of small, at least on the surface, she couldn’t let others talk.

Murongxi respectfully bowed to Bai Liyi: “Master, Changle accidentally said the wrong thing, the thief in my mouth, but the man who always bullied me in the inn and in the northern suburbs! How could you be the famous regent of the Qingyan Nation? You are mighty and domineering, working so hard for the country and the people, and you can be called a model of the Qingyan Nation! Changle admires you sincerely!”

Such a compliment is sincere and pleasant, polite and courteous, and it looks like that.

In fact, she was venting her dissatisfaction with him.

Even Murongxi himself didn’t realize that he looked like a little daughter-in-law who was complaining to her husband, with the corners of her mouth pouted slightly, aggrieved.

Bai Liyi didn’t mind Murong Xi’s accusations against him. He glanced at his subordinates who had almost cured him, and said quietly to Murong Xi: “Give this antidote to this king, this king needs it now.”

“Master, do you think this girl can cure this poison?” The man lying on the bed was surprised when he heard this.

“Well, the poison on your body was cured by Princess Changle.” Bai Liyi replied, looking at Murongxi’s eyes with an extra approval.

This little girl is still useful.

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