Rebirth of the stock god

Rebirth of the stock god
Other names: 股神重生之軍少溺寵狂妻
Author: when love meets again
Genre:  Urban Youth, Romance
Release: 2019
Status:  Chapter 318 Finale


Gaozhi female boss VS army soldier king; the king sees that the king is either you or me; he is a super myth in the Kyoto army door, cruel and ruthless; she can be cute, cute and charming, she can eat with a reliable face, but IQ has abused Others doubt life; accidentally provoke the big devil, and from then on, the Spring Festival is a short theater: holding on to a small amount of money to live a comfortable life, be a lazy little fairy, but there are always people jumping in front of you and trample on your nail nostrils Chaotian: Some people who are not of your class can touch Yi with eyes full of ridicule: Don’t want to be a phoenix in the grass chicken. Proud and contempt: Don’t toad and eat swan, whimsical, it’s better for a small person to be a pariah. Like a tornado, it came quickly and eagerly looking at the person standing at the tip of the pyramid.

The person who had been mocking shivered. People in the Kyoto circle know that Young Master Zhai has spoiled his woman to the point of abnormality. Later, everyone knew that Wang was not easy to provoke, and Wang’s women were not easy to provoke. If a man spoils a woman to the level of a textbook, then there is really no one. After Zhen Xi heard this, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Why didn’t she know?

She only knew that the man was very domineering, and when she was with him, her waist and legs were sore. One day she quit, this job is too difficult to serve… Did someone sneer and wanted to run? Oh, do I agree? There is a kind of love that can hardly be restrained. Even people who are reluctant to speak have learned to speak love words every day. Let us watch the days when the big guys speak love words! This book is about the military, stock wars, business wars, and emotional lines. It’s still a one-on-one pair. Recommend the end of the article “The most favored army of the rich and the little doting mad wife”


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