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The Domineering Wife of the Rich and Prosperous Marriage (Story 1)

The Domineering Wife of the Rich and Prosperous Marriage
Other names: 豪门盛婚之独宠娇妻
Author: Ai Yiyao, 艾依瑶
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2016
Status: 113 Ending (Final)
Related Show: The wealthy poisonous doctor’s wife (Son Story)


She is a dream maker with supernatural powers, and he is a prince who has traveled from ancient times to modern times. At the first meeting, she was put on his bed and forced to lose her body. I thought it was just an exchange of body and money. He didn’t expect that after a night of strong joy, he said: “I will marry you, and I will give you a worry-free life.” Who is he? The executive president of the Zhai Group, the person in charge of real power, turned his hands on the cloud and covered his hands, acting harshly and ruthlessly. Well, the most important thing is that he is too fierce, her small body can’t hold it.

So-she fled. He arrested. But she can’t smell the smoke, he quit smoking. On a rainy night, he carried her back and dripped waist-length sewage, and she didn’t wet half of her clothes. She was slandered as the mistress of the mistress, he took her into his arms and vented her to support her. She was scalded, and he stayed up all night blowing her wounds, just to relieve her pain. Outside, he is indifferent, ruthless, cruel, and bloodthirsty. When facing him alone, the gentleman of steel turns into softness.


Chapter 0 wedge
Chapter 1 She is his gift
Chapter 2 You will have no worries in your life
Chapter 3 Forcing her to be homeless
Chapter 4 Dream maker dream seller
Chapter 5 Love to the end of life
Chapter 6 I am the God of Creation
Chapter 7 Live in the dormitory again
Chapter 8 King of Dadi Dynasty
Chapter 9 I just want you
Chapter 10 Elegant as an earl
Chapter 11 As the saying goes, love for a long time
Chapter 12 Point your back: Want to sleep on the street?
Chapter 13 Counterattack: Presidential treatment
Chapter 14 Give a gift and get beaten up
Chapter 15 He is not the only one to surrender
Chapter 16 Thousand-year aristocratic family
Chapter 17 Can’t control with one hand
Chapter 18 One slip and fall downstairs
Chapter 19 He saves her and punishes her
Chapter 20 Am I shameless?
Chapter 21 Live in Mo enchanting house
Chapter 22 Who is behind the scenes
Chapter 23 Deliberately not answering the phone
Chapter 24 The second level of spiritual domain
Chapter 25 Who are you to blame for being weak?
Chapter 26 It’s so beautiful
Chapter 27 Dreams become reality
Chapter 28 The president’s room is not easy to enter
Chapter 29 Let’s make a couple
Chapter 30 Did you miss me?

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