Blooming Lily 绽放吧,百合 Episode 39 Recap

Professor Luo saw that Dashan was so decadent and prepared to leave with his luggage. Dashan knew that he was wrong, and Professor Luo told others that he should know his shame and be brave. At this time Widow Cui came over and told them that she was willing to be a model for them. Professor Luo directed Dashan to draw the portrait of Widow Cui. He Shuying ran over to drag Dashan and said that he must be abandoned by Lily when he came back, and accused her of not being able to mix with the gangster Lao Luo. Seeing the human sculpture made by the mountain on the side, He Shuying ran back home even more like a pheasant with fried hair.

After returning home, He Shuying said aloud what she had seen to Dong Hoouwu. Hearing Dashan being dumped by Lily, Dong Shaohe in the house ran out happily. When I met Manager Han on the road, Dong Shaohe learned that the works of Professor Dashan and Luo were particularly valuable, so he used Dashan to make sculptures based on his mother, but took the sculptures without consent. Manager Han looked at the sculpture and said that Dashan’s sculpture is worth fifty yuan, and Professor Luo’s sculpture is ten times worth.

Yun Xiang came to Lily and gave her the 50,000 yuan that Yang Yi left to Lily during his lifetime, and said that he would leave all the property to Yu’er. This was Yang Yi’s wish and their compensation to Lily. Lily said that he didn’t care about the things that year. It is precisely because he stayed in Dongjiazhuang that he could know the goodness of the mountains and feel the happiness of life. Lily came to Tiehua, hoping that she could return the money to Yunxiang and comfort Yunxiang to live a good life.

Tiehua came to Yunxiang to pay back the money. Yunxiang not only didn’t want it, but also said that he would ask Yang Yi for advice. Tiehua’s tires were punctured and decided to stay overnight at Yunxiang’s house. Yunxiang was so drunk that she had to repair her car, but two tires were punctured, but only one spare tire. Yun Xiang woke up early in the morning and saw Tiehua brushing his teeth in the bathroom. Tiehua disapprovingly accused him of being drunk, changing his clothes by herself, and loudly rebuking him for being inferior to a homeless man. Helpless Yun Xiang said that he just wanted to go to the toilet, so Tiehua had to leave with his toothbrush.

Both Baichuan and Zhao Hong are busy at work, and neither of them can spare more time to take care of Baimu. Helpless Baichuan had to ask her mother if she could let Lily come back to take care of her. After all, Baimu thought that it was her own daughter who still read Lily, so she agreed to let Lily go home to take care of herself. Lily and a hundred fathers and a hundred mothers discussed that they wanted to reopen the original roast chicken shop in the family, and both parents agreed.

Tiehua came to her and gave her 50,000 yuan, indicating that Yun Xiang would not take it back anyway. Lily remembered that Yang Yi hoped to renovate Dongjiazhuang Elementary School before he was alive. Tiehua said that he came to Zhangluo and that Lily 50,000 yuan left to open a roast chicken shop and waited for the money to be shared with her for the primary school.

Professor Dashan and Professor Luo were gathering the scenery by the river, while Dong Shaohe stood behind Professor Luo and watched him paint landscape paintings. Not knowing that he was not satisfied with which of his pens, Professor Luo frowned and took the painting off suddenly, and tore it off involuntarily. Dong Shaohe suddenly jumped out and looked at the torn paintings distressedly, saying that Professor Luo’s torn pieces were all money.

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