Wind Backward

Wind Backward (Novel)
Other Name: 风回路转

Genre: novel, fairy tale novel
Author: Changfeng Jiu Jiansheng
Year: 201X
Chapter: 40+
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As a direct enemy of Peng Hui in Mobei, Yang Zhuo entered the Central Plains and was immediately involved in the past Peng Huihe After the enmity of Shuzhou Fengling, Yang Zhuo resolved the enmity with Persian Fengling, and the Qingzhuo Gang founded all the way to the south to investigate bizarre murders and dangers, and finally became a great master.

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They abandoned the boat and landed and found an inn to sleep in.

Bi Qing took a golden leaf out of her arms and came to the inn to eat and drink, and the inn owner was naturally hospitable.

Yang Zhuo said: “You are careful, the Golden Leaf hides so tightly, these Persian Wind Kings are also unintentional, so that we will not be so embarrassed. “Bi Qing said:’This Persian Wind King is still quite atmospheric and will not search casually. It seems that they are not that hateful, right?” Yang Zhuo smiled and said:’In fact, this overseas trip, but It has also benefited a lot. “Bi Qing nodded.

They sat opposite each other in the inn, eating and drinking in the room, and couldn’t help but smile at each other.

Yang Zhuo said, “I’m sorry, at that time, I lost control of my exercises and almost hurt you.”

Bi Qing smiled and said:’It’s fine, you’re fine. The few palms you used at the beginning really scared me, but I still survived. Hey, fortunately, my master taught me how to avoid attacks in the dark, and taught me to prevent adversaries under bad conditions. When I think of it, when I was young, Master was too harsh on me, almost crazy harsh. The slightest slack when I practiced exercises was just a while of beating and scolding, and I didn’t dare to be lazy.

When we went to the snow-capped mountains, we were almost injured by the monsnayin. We still rely on our usual hard training to withstand the fierce attack of the monk. In the end, the monk was willing to go with me to find you because of Master’s reputation and I was not very good at dealing with it, otherwise I would not see you. “

Yang Zhuo squeezed Bi Qing’s jade hand and said, “When you were a child, you must have suffered a lot. I can understand this kind of suffering. Since my master was expelled from Shuzhou, he began to teach me harshly, and I am also Li was practicing martial arts in a harsh environment, almost regardless of the cold and heat. I remembered once practicing martial arts in Mobei, on the top of a mountain, and in the middle of the night, I was attacked by a large number of wolves, so that I was at a loss.

In the end, I had to Breaking down the mountain, that time I killed hundreds of wolves before rushing down the mountain, and I was also bruised and bruised and almost killed. And I have never complained about Master, Master is kind, and Master’s mantra is, “Sweat more in peacetime, in wartime” Bleed less’. Thinking about it now, our masters are exactly the same.

Without them, we would not be where we are today.” Bi Qing took a bite of the dish and said, “We are really connected by the same fate. Even the master has the same personality. Hehe, It’s just that the dishes here are too veggie and light, almost without salt.” Yang Zhuo said: “Yes, not only is it not salty, but it’s a bit sweet. ‘Bi Qing said:’This is spicy in the west and sour in the east, sweet in the south and salty in the north, but it has different flavors. “Yang Zhuo took a mouthful of food, frowning for a while, and clicking his mouth, indicating that there was no taste, which caused Bi Qingge to smile.

Yang Zhuo suddenly said, “What happened to the jade pendant you took out that day?”

Bi Qing stopped talking and said:’I don’t understand, don’t ask me, I’m so annoying. “

Yang Zhuo talked about a passage from the Lion King at that time, and Bi Qing fell into deep thought.

Yang Zhuo said, “Maybe, something really happened between Qiu Tianlang and your master, but your master said it inconveniently.”

Bi Qing shook her head and said, “This matter will become clear sooner or later, and now I just want Master to tell him.”

Yang Zhuo said: “In recent years, although the Shuzhou geeks are famous, although they are not a megaphone, they also make people in the world fear three points. Just imagine, if it is not for the Shuzhou geeks, let the Jiangnan martial arts situation develop, forgive me. To put it bluntly, the Heavenly Demon Palace cannot be developed to this day. The most suspicious thing is that Qiu Tianlang suddenly and Fan Zhan’s invitation to fight, so that Fan Zhan was hit hard, and Fan Zhan had to make concessions to the Heavenly Demon Palace.

Finally, after Fan Zhan’s death, the Heavenly Demon The palace thus occupied Jiangxi and Fujian, and you personally participated in defeating Jiang Junqi and seizing Wuyi Mountain in Fujian. Don’t you think all this is too coincidental?” Bi Qing thought for a while, sighed, and said, “Plain Su Li, when I think of other things I always know everything, but when I think about it, I can’t help but avoid it. Otherwise, I was at the mouth of the Three Gorges that day, so why didn’t I suddenly want to go?”

Yang Zhuo said: “Let this matter take its course, it is too demanding, but it is not beautiful.”

Bi Qing said: “I have doubted about this, but I dare not think about it. One is Qiu Tianlang, the famous Shuzhou geek, and the other is the head of the Heavenly Demon Palace, my mentor. Some things have no real evidence. I can’t guess.”

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