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Is there a God?

Is God True? “Religion” is an early human effort in answering important questions such as what is the light in the sky and where do humans come from? The answers in the past are almost always linked to the “God”, the creator of everything.

But then, scientific progress has made humans discover “Laws of nature” that can be used to describe various events that occur both inside the atom The human body, the world, the stars and the universe Without exception [Newton’s law of motion is true, whether on Earth or on Mars.] And that makes “gods” in the form of living beings, like humans, must respect these scientific laws and fall into the “no. job done”

Stephen Hawking also gave an example of the emergence of the universe that can be explained by scientific principles with the Big Bang theory that the astrophysicist traces the history of the big explosion until the beginning that the universe is just ” “Black holes” are extremely dense, in which “time” cannot be formed. The explosion of the universe has created mass. Energy and empty space. But it also produces negative energy that is offset by all energy and mass (Einstein proves that mass and energy are interchangeable from the formula E = mc2). Until we combine everything from the universe to The answer is zero. Therefore, the whole universe is spontaneous without the stimulation of God. (God cannot be born before the birth of time !!)

In the end, Stephen Hawking joked that if God exists Why do you have to invent so many elusive principles of nature like M-Theory in 11 dimensions? (Please don’t ask me what it is …) credit by Panasm’s

There Is No God: Simple Responses to 20 Common Arguments for the Existence of God

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