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Review Fifty Things that Made the Modern Economy

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Why did the 1800’s most famous singer Elizabeth Billington make only 1% of Elton John’s current income?

The answer is “number of listeners” !!

Inventions that change the behavior of music consumption The human performance or sport is the “record player” that allows humans to buy music for home for the first time. It has led to an era of “Superstar Economy” that generates a lot of income for “celebrities” in various industries while reducing the role of “Amateur” severe down (If you can listen to your favorite artist on mobile Why do you have to pay to listen to live music from ordinary artists that you don’t know?)

The world economy today is changing rapidly and “complex” like never before. Humanity has created many different inventions and products. “Ten billion pieces” and they are doubling every 15 years.

It can be seen that the only “human” is stabbed. It is impossible for us to “understand” the possibility of the entire global economy. But what we can do is try to understand our current situation. The process that drives us in the past and the destinations we are going to move forward in the future.

Fifty Things That Made The Modern Economy is Tim Harford’s latest book, The Undercover Economist, which combines 50 “inventions” that have contributed to human change, from the past in the early days of agriculture to the age of information technology. In order to give us a better view of the complex systems of the world today.

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