8 problems often encountered when wearing “polo shirts”

Have you ever been bored with the same problems of your favorite polo shirts? Today, we would like to present the problems that people wearing polo shirts have encountered. What are they?

  1. Feel hot. Especially in the hot season. They’re more heat multiplied by two which is caused by the heat dissipation from the inner skin layer to the outer fabric and not doing well enough.
  2. Wearing with uncomfortable on hard texture which may come from the selection of fabrics for low-grade sewing.
  3. Not wearing confidence when you put it on. Sometimes the pattern of the polo shirt is not suitable for such as not wearing on the shape and making it look fat or tighten.
  4. Every time you wash clothes must use ironed every time which this problem many people don’t like because there’re waste time rolling for a long time.
  5. There is a musty odor, rancid odor when sweat, especially for men. Especially if you already sweat and scent come out.
  6. Washed and discolored. They say that if you don’t want them to fade
  7. Wash and flaky, some stretch, some shrink, bias, deformation. This shape is another problem that is often encountered.
  8. The quality is not suitable for the price that you bought with expensive price and world famous brands name when wearing for a while. Why is the fabric not worth the price? But like that he also adds marketing media fees, rental fees, staff fees, and many more.

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