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The characteristics of the fabric to produce “T-shirts” or “Polo shirts”

To produce “T-shirts” or “Polo shirts” can be divided into 3 types which are:

Type 1: Cotton 100% (Cotton)
The fabric is made from 100% natural fiber or cotton fabric by spinning small cotton threads into yarns and then weaving them into fabric. How to observe the brand label on the neck of the T-shirt or sewn at the seam at the waist.

Features of 100% Cotton
The outstanding feature of Cotton 100% is a soft, smooth texture, fine touch. Because it is produced from 100% natural fibers, good heat dissipation of the porous fibers, absorb water well, not sweaty, 100% Cotton fabric suitable for comfortable wearing. Popular as T-shirts or polo shirt. Nowadays, it is highly popular and can be added to more value by screen printing or embroidering various logos on the fabric.

Cotton fiber type

  1. Cotton OE is the lowest grade cotton fabric. The characteristics of the fabric are more harsh than Cotton Semi and Cotton Comb.
  2. Cotton Semi is a medium grade cotton fabric, the fabric will be smooth at a certain level, not harsh, the price is not high and the quality is quite applicable.
  3. Cotton Comb is the best grade cotton fabric. The characteristics of the fabric are very smooth, shiny and the price is higher than other cotton fabrics.

Type 2: TC (Cotton with Polyester)
A mixture of natural fibers (Cotton) and synthetic fibers (Polyester) (abbreviated as TC, CVC, CTC depending on the percentage of the mixture of yarn). Honeycomb shape) because the production of synthetic fabrics is a by-product of oil refining in the petrochemical industry. Which can control the production process in quantity Unlike natural fiber fabrics that rely on the products from cotton planting And the earth, water, wind, weather Including the insects that are the greatest enemies in destroying the produce including transportation and the process of producing cotton yarn that is delicate and complex Therefore, the cost of Cotton 100% (good grade weave with small threads) is higher.

The advantage of blended fabric is that it controls the stretching and bias is better than Cotton 100%. The disadvantage that comes from synthetic fiber is that it is not as breathable as Cotton 100% (even if weave the fibers with holes. Small to help with ventilation) but still considered to be at a moderate level.

Type 3: TK (Polyester or polyamide)
Polyester or polyester fabric (Abbreviated as TK) is a synthetic fiber produced from Polyester, synthetic fabrics The fabric will look more oily than TC. The general characteristics are that the fabric will not wrinkle, shape, not bias, color does not fall. The raw materials used to make synthetic fibers are derived from petrochemicals. T-shirts made from this type of fabric are the cheapest.

Advantages – disadvantages of fabric TK are as:

  1. The advantage is that it is stable, not shrink, not bias. Price is quite cheap, durable, easy to buy.
  2. The disadvantage is the fabric is flaky after washing. The fabric is relentless, does not absorb water, not well ventilated. And absorb less sweat.

How to choose the type of fabric to cut “T-shirts” or “Polo shirts”.

  1. Cotton 100% fabric is suitable for people who are used in the outdoors, often in the sun because of good ventilation. Rarely sweat Comfortable to wear but the price may be high And the fabric will shrink after washing the first 2-3 water
  2. TC fabric is suitable for people who sweat easily, even when working in air-conditioned rooms. Because it can ventilate well enough. The advantage is that it does not shrink or bias.
  3. TK fabrics are suitable for use in air-conditioned rooms. Not very sunny.
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