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Modern Family S11 Episode 1 Plot

Episode 1: Crying Twins, Shooting Commercials, Cameron Investigation

The family was disturbed by the two twins of Hailey and Dylan. One of them was named George and the other named “Mycin”, named after Hailey’s favorite dish. This is nothing, mainly because the child cries day and night, and the family hasn’t slept for a few days.

Haili had always worried that she was not a qualified mother, so she read the book for an unprecedented time and found the book “Your Parents’ Parenting Methods Are Wrong”. The so-called full letter is worse than no book. After reading it, Haili was greatly inspired and insisted on breastfeeding, and no artificial products were allowed into the baby’s mouth. Claire’s suggestion that she use formula milk powder to promote the baby’s sleep soundly was also rejected by Hailey.

The only person in the family who is unaffected is Alex, who is surveying neutrinos in Antarctica, but she still admires the noisy life. She is the only woman in the Antarctic Station, who has many inconveniences and her partner does not speak English. In this icy world, Alex felt lonely and began to regret rejecting the invitation of the pharmaceutical factory.

Hayley has always hinted that the parents’ previous parenting methods were wrong. Claire couldn’t bear it, and decided to think of a way to make Hailie surrender. Haili hadn’t slept for many days, and she was in poor spirits. When it comes to coaxing Hailey to sleep, Phil is best at it. Phil first called Hailey to the drugstore to buy some baby powder, and then he counted out what to do tomorrow in the car. After a while, Hailey in the back seat yawned again and again and fell asleep.

Seeing the strategy succeeded, Phil turned around and went home again, and when he entered the room, he saw several baby bottles on the table. Claire had used various methods before, and the two children were still crying. Phil took out the ultimate weapon, two pacifiers. Sure enough, the world was quiet immediately.

After finally being able to squint on the sofa for a while, Claire and Phil were awakened by Hayley before they slept. Hailey wanted to get angry and was afraid of waking the child, so she suffocated her stomach and ran outside the house. Claire and Phil chase them out, trying to persuade Hailie to rest assured. After all, every parent is worried that they can’t take care of their children. Haili’s mood is also natural, and there is no need to worry too much.

As he was talking, there was crying in the room, and Claire realized that the door was locked and that he hadn’t brought the key. In desperation, Haili climbed onto the roof of the car with both hands and feet, jumped onto the roof, and turned into the bedroom window on the second floor. It’s hard to imagine Hailey, who used to cry for a long time when she broke her nails, would do this. This is probably motherhood. Before Claire was finished, Luke opened the door and came out of the house. I forgot that there is this silly son in the house. In any case, Haili has accepted the old method, and finally can sleep peacefully tonight.

Jie doesn’t go to the chaotic water at Claire’s house, he himself is busy planning a promotional video for the doghouse. The protagonist is naturally Stella, and Gloria is the voice of Spanish. As an art school graduate, Manny volunteered to be a director. But the real problem is that his ex-girlfriend Shirley is the voice of a British accent. This actually made Manny even want to direct this short online video to prove that he is not affected by personal feelings and is very professional.

In the recording studio, Manny pretended to be a mature man who hid love in his heart and focused on work. But he kept complimenting Shirley’s actions, and even Gloria could see his thoughts. Gloria felt that Manny’s method was wrong, and it must be strong to deal with an opinionated woman like Shirley. It is necessary to clearly point out Shirley’s flaws in dubbing, so that she has a feeling of seeking identification, and then she can conquer her heart.

Manny acted according to plan, and Shirley’s professional ability was really shocked. But Manny was too focused, and repeated recordings like bones. After repeating it more than sixty times, she finally succeeded in extinguishing Shirley’s resurgence of love.

Cameron held a small exchange meeting at home, and asked Mitchell, an assistant prosecutor, to show up and talk with some problematic students in the school from the perspective of law enforcement agencies. Mitchell readily agreed, but Cameron yelled as soon as he gave an opening statement, and the clown statue on the table was gone. Just now, Cameron, who was still happy, turned his face and cursed a few students as scum, Mitchell couldn’t stop him.

After being repeatedly insulted by Cameron, several students began to abandon themselves. Mitchell couldn’t stand it, and admitted that he had thrown the ugly statue into the trash can, and begged Cameron to release these innocent children. At this time, the students burst into laughter. It turned out that they were members of the school drama club. Today, they came to cooperate with the vice principal Cameron and let Mitchell surrender. The battle-tested Mitchell still capsized in the gutter.

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