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Modern Family S11 Episode 2

Episode 2: Interview, Female Killer and Smart Refrigerator

Today, a business magazine reporter came to interview at home. Claire got dressed early and put on the most decent clothes. But these people in the family really can’t make a move, no matter how they look at it, they can’t match success. So Claire put on her nightgown, sneezed, and lied about being sick, urging Hailey and Dylan to take a pair of crying twins to the park to take shelter. Luke, who was staying at home, was also driven out by her and gave Phil, who was teaching at the community college, a bicycle helmet.

When the reporters and photographers arrived, Claire assumed the appearance of various successful people according to the pre-written speech. While talking, I heard someone enter the door. Claire quickly found an excuse to leave, put on her nightgown and went to the door to see that it was Alex who had returned from the Antarctic from a thousand miles away.

Alex returned home without even entering the door, and was driven out by his mother to buy hot soup for colds. By coincidence, he was locked in the freezer of the supermarket again. Called Hailie for help, Hailey, who was busy taking care of the twins, transferred it to Luke. As soon as the three of them breathed on the phone, they found something was wrong. They went home together, looked around, and found the mother who was lying on the bed under the quilt in the master bedroom.

The three children thought that they had made the wrong mother. Just about to apologize, Haili keenly discovered that her mother had makeup on her face. Seeing that she couldn’t hide it, Claire had to lift the quilt and jumped out of the bed, still wearing that formal suit. Hayley, Luke, and Alex complained that there was a mother who disliked her child. But then again, Alex pretended not to know Claire when he attended the summer camp. Luke took a detour when he saw his mother at the club. Hailey even described his mother as a nanny in front of her colleagues. After hearing this, the children stopped speaking.

Luke still gave his father a bicycle helmet according to his mother’s request. Phil, who was correcting his homework in the classroom, jumped out of his chair when he heard the door pushing. Seeing that it was Luke, it seemed to be relieved. It turned out that he always targeted Gloria in class recently. No matter how good Gloria did, she would be severely criticized if she answered a question incorrectly. In contrast, another student, Libby, no matter how bad his grades are, as long as he can answer a question, he will be praised by Phil. Phil did this because he discovered that Gloria was a real estate genius. That’s why more pressure must be exerted to stimulate Gloria’s potential.

But Libby didn’t come to class today. It is said that he was hit by a car and was rescued in the hospital. Phil couldn’t help but wondered about Gloria. He wanted to learn from the plot in the TV series to investigate. He was surprised to see scratches, blood stains and a few hairs embedded in the rearview mirror on Gloria’s body.

At the thought that this Puerto Rican might be a female assassin who kills without blinking, Phil’s feet weakened. When the assignment was approved, it was dark, and I received a call from Gloria to meet. He was so frightened that he quickly put on his helmet, jumped on the bicycle and rode home. Fleeing halfway, Gloria’s car chased up from behind. Phil dropped his bike and ran into the grass to hide in the roadside.

Obviously, Gloria couldn’t be fooled by learning goat barking, so Phil had to come out honestly. Gloria showed him a video, a surveillance video from the school. In the video, Libby rides to school, as if she was taken aback by something on the side of the road. The head of the car tilted and bumped into Gloria’s car parked on the side of the road. From another perspective, Phil was practicing magic on the roadside, throwing a few small balls in his hands. The culprit responsible for Libby’s injury was Phil, not Gloria.

Cameron bought a smart refrigerator with unparalleled artificial intelligence, just like a caring nanny. Mitchell disagrees, no matter how smart it is, it is nothing more than a refrigerator. In the evening, Cameron was going to have dinner with the rugby players of the school, and Mitchell felt resentment. When I’m bored, I talk to the smart refrigerator without a word. I slowly discovered that it feels good to have a listener. Mitchell opened up and talked to the refrigerator. Under the guidance of the refrigerator, I made a delicious sandwich.

After Cameron returned home, he was jealous when he saw Mitchell and the refrigerator talking sweetly. The next day Mitchell went to work, and Cameron chatted with the refrigerator, as if he had found a long-lost confidant. When Mitchell returned home, seeing this, he felt like a third party stepped in.

How can a marriage be broken up by a refrigerator. After learning from the pain, Cameron and Mitchell decided to take the refrigerator to Jie’s house while Jie was out. Jeddah came back from Quebec all the way and saw that there was an extra talking refrigerator at home. Jie is an old-school conservative and has always dismissed such intelligent things. But ten minutes later, he also took the wine glass and started the routine with the refrigerator.

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