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Modern Family S11 Episode 3

Episode 3: Taking care of your baby

Hailey always asks her family to help take care of the twins, but she ran out to take yoga classes, which annoyed others. Everyone has their own things to do, there is no way, so they have to avoid Hailey. Phil is practicing magic hard to perform at this year’s Southern California real estate banquet, and the effect must exceed last year. Alex also has to fill out a bunch of forms to apply for a job with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which must be mailed out before 5 pm Luke wants to find a way to buy a bottle of red wine and have more romantic atmosphere during dinner with his girlfriend. Claire has to win a big order, and the other party is Cheryl, the president of a powerful real estate company who doesn’t even have an appointment to meet.

Luke was under 21, so he had to steal Alex’s driver’s license and went to the store to buy alcohol. The clerk saw through and cut the driver’s license in half on the spot. At this time, a man bought beer with his child, and the clerk settled the bill without asking. With a flash of inspiration, Luke ran home immediately and offered to help Haili take the baby to the park.

Claire will be in the cafe. She read from the property magazine that Cheryl would come here every Saturday morning at ten o’clock to buy lattes. When the time comes, take the initiative to check out Cheryl and have the opportunity to chat and sell. Claire wasn’t the only one who thought of this idea. Another cabinet company representative made the first step, but Cheryl was angrily scolded. It is precious time for Cheryl to get along with her son. Anyone who disturbs her will have no good fruit.

Claire was helpless, went home and continued to think of a solution. As soon as I picked up the real estate magazine on the sofa and wanted to study Cheryl’s living habits, I heard Haili say that she knew her. Claire was surprised and delighted. Upon asking, she knew that Cheryl and Hayley were in the same mother’s yoga class, and they were about to start in half an hour. Just as Luke was pushing the stroller back, Claire rushed to push the stroller away, Hailey couldn’t even take a look at the child’s face.

In the yoga class, Claire was holding her mobile phone and seeing Cheryl coming in with her three-month-old son, she immediately pretended to refuse to talk about business on the phone, and to accompany the child well. This point resonated with Cheryl, and the more they talked, the more speculative Claire finally got her wish.

Claire pushed the stroller back home contentedly. Alex ran over. She rushed to send the application materials, but she didn’t want to wait in a long line at the post office. It would be best to use children as cover. Now Haili was upset, and she usually didn’t see anyone, but today all of them are rushing to take care of the children, all uneasy.

Phil, who was practicing magic hard, made a fair statement, and his family should help each other and support each other without worrying too much about the purpose. The words are nice, but Haili knows that he must be planning to perform magic tricks with twins.

Mitchell and Cameron have been looking for tenants for the empty room upstairs since Pa was in prison. Many people were unreliable, changed and changed, finally found a pair of suitable tenants, Brad and Paul. They are also in the husband’s family, and they also adopted a daughter, Vera, who is the same age as Lily. He also generously paid six months’ rent in advance. Such a good tenant is really rare in the world.

Slowly, Mitchell and Cameron felt uncomfortable. Brad and Paul are better in life style, style, and conversation. Vera is also attending an elite school, which is higher than Lily. It feels very uncomfortable to be inferior everywhere, but living under the same eaves, you can only endure if you bow your head and see it up.

Finally one day, Lily managed to pull back a city. When learning to play bridge with Vera, I won Vera the first time I played. Vera suddenly had a nervous breakdown, cried loudly, and ran out. Brad and Paul decided to leave this sad place for the sake of their daughter, and the deposit was not required. Mitchell and Cameron asked why Lily had mastered the bridge skills so quickly. Lily pointed to the small mirror on the mantelpiece. She only easily won by seeing Vera’s hand in the mirror. Who would have thought that Vera would react fiercely and move to another place, which was exactly what Mitchell and Cameron wanted.

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