This world doesn’t have people

~ ☆ This world doesn’t have us ☆ ~

Considering the truth and truth form. This form or body is empty from the real self. Compassion, contract, sankhara, and spirit which are abstract as a symptom of the mind, they find no self. There is only emptiness from the true self.

The body is the element of the world – earth, water, wind, and fire that are assembled (according to old factors and karma compiled). Earth is not us. We are not soil. Water is not us. We are not water. Wind is not us. We are not wind. Fire is not us. Not fire.

Therefore this figure or body is just a device, a device, or device for a moment in life and we are ours according to the assumption only.

Eventually, all 4 of these elements separated themselves and disintegrate into the original elements form. Soil returned to soil, Water returned to water, wind returned to fainting, fire went back to fire.

The Buddha is like a group of sponges that occur in the Ganga River, some small and large when the currents have been blown away will be dissolved to some extent, far to some extent.

We are the mind and even the mind. Actually, it is not us, not ours either. Because when really researching the identity of the mind and found nothing but emptiness. There are only symptoms of the mind or spirit, such as compassion, contracting the spirits that occur repeatedly according to the factors according to the factors. Showing symptoms of continuous contact even when sleeping, sometimes there are promises and emotions occur as dreams.

Pity is the pleasure of eating, feeling sad or distressing when the eyes see the picture. Ears can hear the nose, smell the tongue, taste. The body feels hot, cold, soft, hard. Heart and accept various dharma (Various stories) as the bubbles arose and then quickly extinguished. The matter was not empty from itself.

A promise is a memory that means knowing in the form of sound, smell, taste, touch, and Dharma that come through the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and the body, as if the beating and glittering of a dance, tricked into being lost and haunting the thoughts all the time.

The body is thinking and manipulating according to the emotional contract. Like a thick banana layer when peeling it one by one then finding the essence and substance is not empty from himself.

The spirit is the element of knowledge (or knowledge – the person who knows the mind) in the form of sound, smell, taste, touch and Dharma that comes through the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and the mind is like a magician and that trick cannot be found. Also emptied from himself

Summary of the 5 Khans, namely the form of compassion, the contract of soul, not one’s self, not one’s own. If they are their own, then all 5 khan must be in our power. We can control and control according to the desire.

But because Khan 5 is non-self (not the identity of any person), it is only the flow of dharma or nature that occurs and then goes out according to his factors, continuously, according to the power of ignorance (ignorance).

When the mind is determined, diligent, consider Khan 5 consistently, continuously for ever and ever. In order for the mind to know and see the truth that Khan 5 is a fleet of suffering, not empty substance from himself, not himself, not really Until the mind becomes boredom, relieves the desire to rejoice in Khan 5. When doing this, then No desire can be found in our minds then the mind is free.

Finally died and finished (Virgins) in Buddhism. As with the wish of the King, who has practiced great prestige for four generations. Another hundred thousand year. He gave everything, including the royal throne, the wife, the daughter, the eyes, the small organs in the body, and even the life of enlightenment. With the desire to help transport the animals of the world. This includes ourselves too. To escape suffering in the cycle.