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Supreme Dragon Son-in-law


Ye Chen’s parents were killed, and he was the heir of the first family and he was reduced to the Xiao family as the son-in-law. Although he has the strength, he can’t show off. On the surface, he is willing to serve Xiao Churan as a waste son-in-law, but he is already developing his own business empire in secret. Four years later, Tang Sihai, an old butler, came to him and helped him become the chairman of the Emgrand Group. The former squandered son-in-law also became the supreme dragon son-in-law.

Supreme Dragon Son-in-law
Associated Names: 至尊龙婿叶辰萧初然, Supreme Long Son-in-law Ye Chen Xiao Churan
Ye Gongzi
Genres: counterattack, novel, City
Year: N/A

List of Chapters:

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