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Half Honey and Half Injury


Cheng Xiaoya and Fu Xuan as the creative background, it was created and written by the famous romantic novel writer Qi Yue Wuyi. Summary of exciting content: Cheng Xiaoya and Fu Xuan have been married for three years, but they have never been treated with tenderness from her husband. She devoted all her efforts, but in return was hatred and hatred. The friendship that was once a childhood sweetheart has become a fierce enemy. Endless humiliation and torture consumed Cheng Xiaoya’s love a little bit, until the love reached a stranger, she resolutely left, and Fu Xuan, who lost Cheng Xiaoya, wanted to redeem her heart… …

Half Honey and Half Hurt Cheng Xiaoya
Associated Names: 半是蜜糖半是伤程晓雅
Qi Yue Wuyi
Genres: novel, romance
Year: 2019

List of Chapters:

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