Hong Kong today can go or not?

The government announces a state of emergency paralysis that destroy public property and private damage. This is widespread the protests began to intensify. To challenge the law “Do not cover the face”

If you still want to travel to Hong Kong Pay attention as follows:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand Travel not yet announced Security has not yet reached the riot. Can travel But may be having difficulty traveling
  • Please explore the alternate travel routes. Because the train from the airport to the city, the MRT subway may be closed at all stations or some stations, including the waiting period will be longer.
  • Please avoid the gathering area. And should not take pictures of the demonstrators Or staff To prevent misunderstandings
  • The rally will have the most people during the evening until late at night. And the weekend Unstable assembly area
  • Some demonstrators smashed and burned the shop. Government office Block roads May cause people in the area to panic
  • Demonstrators do not aim to hurt tourists but may have a “Crossfire” from a clash between the demonstrators and the officials. Which various insurance companies may not be responsible for the injury Or damage that has occurred
  • Department stores, supermarkets, stores Convenience Store Many are closed or reduced service hours since the evening.
  • Food, drinking water may be quickly bought out. Should be reserved according to your travel time.
  • Please reserve cash Or credit cards because many ATMs and banks are damaged. And have to close a lot of services
  • Currently, Hong Kong is within the emergency situation law. The government can issue control measures. And restrict various rights Without having to pass the legislature
  • There is currently no “curfew” announcement. Do not leave the area at night. But the Hong Kong government will consider measures based on the situation

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