Roman Bath in Bath, England

Roman Bath is one of the most interesting historical sites. At Bath town in England is a large, well-preserved and well-preserved Roman bathhouse. Which this mineral water source has been discovered since Roman times invaded England. At present, the bathhouse here is considered a tourist destination. As well as being one of the 7 natural wonders of the West In which tourists can walk to see the bathhouse at your leisure. But absolutely do not enter the bathhouse.

Thermae or Bath is derived from Thermos, meaning hot in Greek. It is called the name of a place used for bathing and exercising in the indoor of the Romans. In the early kingdom She is very elaborate and luxurious and extravagant. Because the bathhouse is a place to nourish people’s happiness. And only a few wealthy people will be able to own it because the bath will go with the steam Therefore, the state organized such places as theaters, sports stadiums, public bathing places. For general people to be able to use it Aside from being a shower and a shower, it is sometimes used as a meeting place for discussions on various subjects of all classes, including general citizens and rulers. Sometimes it can be used as a show for various skits and music shows. The most important thing is the Emperor of the Bath (Car of Caracalla). Built in the year 215, 120 widths, 240 lengths and can accommodate up to 1600 people.

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