Bergen City, Norway Travel Information

Bergen have the fish market as the central of the city. The city is the second most populous urban area in Norway by population and surrounded by mountains and lies clambering up the mountain sides, overlooking the sea, embracing you. You can roam through living history in this modern city, before continuing on to explore the wildest and loveliest fjords of Norway.

At Bergon city you will find museums, art galleries, cultural events and dining, sea and mountains to visit during you stay in the city. The city has more than 900 years ago of Norway land as Viking Age and beyond. Bergen was the center of prosperous trade between Norway at the most obvious remnant from the city’s restaurants, pubs, craft shops and historical museums. Bergen also have famous mountains surrounding in the city centre such as the Hanseatic Wharf, the fish market, and one of Norway’s biggest cultural events like the Bergen International Festival.

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