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Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, USA

Pier 39 Port or Fisherman’s Wharf is San Francisco’s iconic harbor. It’s a fishing boat moor, the city’s major waterfront, the sights and sunbathers of the lions, who boast great voices making the area so colorful. Pier 39 in San Francisco’s is old fishing port used to transfer fish and seafood since the past. Everyone has to visit especially people who like seafood because there are delicious seafood restaurants with good atmosphere for sitting. This area is a tourist center with shops, cute restaurant Small theme park Aquarium with many kinds of marine animals. Pier 39 is two-story buildings consisting of shopping areas with entertainment, restaurants, rides and other interesting things that will make you forget the whole afternoon or the whole day.

Pier 39 is adjacent to Fisherman’s Wharf, north of Embarcadero. It can be reached on foot or by cable car service to and from Embarcadero and to downtown.