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Golden Gate Bridge in California, United States

Golden Gate Bridge is the symbol of San Francisco Suspended red bridle To prevent the steel, which is the main structure of the bridge rust due to the salt of Pacific sea breeze. This bridge is considered to be an engineering wonder of today’s world. Located in downtown San Francisco. One of the longest suspension bridges in the world is the 2.73-meter high, 223.5 meters high structure that stretches across San Francisco’s northern bay to Marin.

Golden Gate Bridge History
The Golden Gate Bridge is such a celebrated icon of San Francisco, that it’s hard to believe that there was a time when it was not a part of this city’s landscape. Before its creation, people in and near San Francisco were certainly able to see the value in building a bridge that would connect the city to the Marin Headlands.

In 1930, a $35 million bond (between $1.2-2 billion today, according to different sources) was passed to initiate the project. The fact that this was a year into the Great Depression is testament to how much people wanted it. Plans might have begun earlier, for discussions about building a bridge across the Golden Gate had been happening for many years, but there had been reasonable doubt as to whether it was even achievable, due to the strong currents and changing tides of the channel, as well as the commonly foggy, windy weather. Causing further delays were groups that opposed the building of the bridge, such as the military and Pacific Railroad Company. The former was concerned about how ships would pass through the gate, the latter worried about what the bridge would do to their thriving ferry-service business. Eventually, however, plans for the Golden Gate bridge got the support it needed, and construction was under way in 1933.

How to get there:

By car:

  • the ways to find the bridge are to follow the signs from either Lombard Street in the Marina district or from Lincoln Boulevard inside the Presidio.

By bus:

  • take Muni bus line #28 or #29 and get off at the vista point on the south side of the bridge.
  • The hop on/hop off tour bus also makes a stop at the south end vista point parking lot which you can catch at Fisherman’s Wharf.

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