Norwegian Maritime Museum in Oslo, Norway

Norwegian Maritime Museum is a nationwide museum with responsibility for collecting, researching and disseminating maritime heritage. The museum is rich in experiences and activities with indoor and outdoor exhibits in a unique maritime environment. The Norwegian Maritime Museum was founded under the name of the Norwegian Maritime Museum in 1914 then its current name in 2010 and since 2015 is a department of the Norwegian Folk Museum Foundation which includes Bogstad Gårdo one of the farm operation at Bygdø Kongsgård , Eidsvoll. In 1814, the Ibsen Museum , the Norwegian Folk Museum and the Norwegian Maritime Museum.

The museum gathers, researches and disseminates knowledge about maritime cultural heritage and coastal culture through exhibitions, events and other activities are an arena for experiences. The Museum is also commissioned by the State Archaeological Administration Museum responsible for the management of maritime cultural and other cultural monuments underwater in the country’s 10 southernmost counties both along the coast and inland.

The museum works actively with vessel protection and offers cruises both with the schooner Swan from 1916 and the renaissance boat Vaaghals, a sailing replica or reconstruction of a wreckage from Bjørvika in Oslo. The Norwegian Maritime Museum is situated near several other museums, including the Fram Museum, the Kon-Tiki Museum, the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History and the Viking Ship Museum.

The museum open at 11.00 am to 16.00 pm from Monday to Sunday.

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