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San Francisco City in United States

San Francisco is one of California’s major cities in northern California. A leading economic, commercial and cultural leader is located between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Coast. It’s known for its year-round fog, iconic Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars and colorful Victorian houses. The Financial District’s Transamerica Pyramid is its most distinctive skyscraper. In the bay sits Alcatraz Island, site of the notorious former prison. It is one of the most attractive cities in America with beautiful nature such as The terrain of the valley and bay views. The weather is not too hot and too cold. It is also one of the 7 wonders of the world, such as the Golden Gate Bridge.

For information about Place to go, Thing to do, What to see:

1. Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge Important symbols of the city of San Francisco Looks like a large orange suspension bridge that stands across San Francisco Bay. To connect the city of San Francisco with the city of Marin County (Marin County) with a total length of 2.7 kilometers, 1.6 kilometers wide, first opened in 1937, can be considered a suspension bridge. One of the largest in the world Each year, many tourists come to see this bridge. Some investors walk across the bridge. In order to fully enjoy the beauty of this place But if anyone doesn’t want to get tired too much, on the San Francisco and Marine County side, there are many parks to walk to see this bridge, such as Battery Spencer and Baker Beach etc.

2. Road Lombard Street

Lombard Street is one of the most winding roads in the world. Located between Jones Street and Hyde Street, it is a winding road with a sharp bend on a steep slope. There are 8 curves, a short and very narrow curve. From the top of the hill to the bottom Surrounding this street will be a beautiful Victorian style house, decorated with beautiful trees and flowers. At the top of this road, you can see the most beautiful view of San Francisco Bay, Bay Bridge and Coit Tower.

3. Pier 39

As San Francisco is an important port of the United States of America There are therefore many ports that allow us to walk. Which these ports will have seafood restaurants In the romantic atmosphere of the San Francisco Bay, to have a lot to sample But one of San Francisco’s most famous harbors is Pier 39, which in addition to the many shops and restaurants to choose from There are still many outstanding things, such as a group of sea lions that will come to bask in this area. Became a San Francisco’s must-see selfie spot.

4. California Street

California Street is one of San Francisco’s most beautiful and must-see streets. Because this is an important economic center of the city There are department stores Famous brand stores Including shopping like Union Square is far from here. If anyone wants to see San Francisco in a modern way Must try to walk on this road together Moreover, California Street is a different level of street. Steep along the hill If you are on the side of the road on the Nob Hill side and looking at the Financial District side, this road is steep. And can also see the view of the Bay Bridge as well.

5. Old Victorian house (Seven Sisters)

Seven Sisters or Painted Ladies are another San Francisco landmark you can’t miss. Looks like an old Victorian house lined up with 7 houses on the edge of Steiner Street, which is steep. Between the house numbers 710–720. These houses are characterized by pastel colors. In front there is a playground. The locals and tourists like to sit and relax in this area.

6. San Francisco Cable Car

San Francisco Cable Car is known as The Must of this trip. Because it is regarded as one of the oldest trams in the world It has been used since 1873. Currently, there are 3 routes, the Powell-Hyde Line, Powell-Mason Line and California Line. What is interesting about the San Francisco Cable Car service is Is that the tram running along the route that is sometimes a steep hill Exciting tourists And enjoy public transportation The car also has a classic style. There are both open space and glass rooms. Allowing tourists to see the beautiful scenery of the city of San Francisco in itself as well. More details on that

7. Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is a popular tourist destination. Regardless of whether anyone visiting San Francisco is to check in here every one. Because this area is the old port of the city There are delicious seafood restaurants and good atmosphere to get hit. It is also close to other tourist attractions such as Pier 39, Maritime Museum, the Sea Lion Center, the Hyde Street Pier, Ghirardelli Square, Madame Tussauds, Alcatraz Island etc.

8. Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island is a small island in the San Francisco Bay. Which is approximately 2.01 kilometers from the San Francisco side, can be clearly seen around Pier 39 or Fisherman’s Wharf. It used to be used as a prison. Prisoners from the civil war It has been used for about 80 years, from 1850 to 1933. Today, this is an important historical site of San Francisco. Can take a boat to travel on a day trip.

9. Coit Towe

Coit Tower is another important landmark in San Francisco. Looks like a tall white circular tower. Strikingly on the top of the Telegraph Hill, which has become a popular San Francisco viewpoint today If anyone has the opportunity to go up to the observation deck on the tower, you can see the city of San Francisco overlooking the Bay Bridge, San Francisco Bay, Financial District, the Golden Gate Bridge, etc.

10. Bay bridge

Bay bridge or San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is a suspension bridge. Connect San Francisco with Oakland in Alameda County, which crosses through Treasure Island. Locals and tourists alike enjoy sitting on the edge of the bay and enjoying fresh air at the edge of the bay. The beauty of this bridge. Especially in the evening, the atmosphere is beautiful and very romantic.

11. Japanese Tea Garden

Japanese Tea Garden is located at 75 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, close to the San Francisco Botanical Garden. It is a shady green garden in Japanese style in downtown San Francisco. In addition to tourists will have a walk to see the beauty of the Japanese garden. Here, there is also a relaxing tea bathroom to accommodate tourists as well. In which tourists will be able to indulge in good quality teas And the warm atmosphere in Japanese style Is a good place to release stress More details on that

12. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is one of San Francisco’s most scenic views. Look like a hill in the center of San Francisco. Approximately 282 meters above sea level, tourists tend to watch the city during the holidays and in the evening. Especially at night The view here is very beautiful. You can see many stars over the city of San Francisco Whoever has time to say, do not miss to visit here.

13. Haight-Ashury area

Haight-Ashury district Is another popular area for tourists. With this area there are many old Victorian houses to walk around. There is also a local restaurant. Chic coffee shop Including souvenir shops for tourists to walk and buy Not only that, there will also be many chic photography corners for hipster.