National flower of Brunei

National flower of Brunei

Simpor flower, the national flower of Brunei, is Simpor flower, also known as Dillenia flower, Brunei local flower With large yellow petals. If fully bloomed, the petals will look like an umbrella. Seen on the general rivers of Brunei Has properties to help heal wounds If anyone visits Brunei Can be seen from Brunei 1 dollar banknote and in native art as well

Brunei Country is in Asia zone

Brunei is a tiny nation on the island of Borneo, in 2 distinct sections surrounded by Malaysia and the South China Sea. It’s known for its beaches and biodiverse rainforest, much of it protected within reserves. The capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, is home to the opulent Jame’Asr Hassanil Bolkiah mosque and its 29 golden domes. The capital’s massive Istana Nurul Iman palace is the residence of Brunei’s ruling sultan.

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