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Willing to be under the peony

Willing to be under the peony
Other names: 牡丹花下心甘愿, ยอมอยู่ใต้ดอกโบตั๋น, Peonies Under My Heart
Author: Broken in half
Genre: Novel
Release: 2019
Status: 29


Feng Jie was hugged by him while sitting on the back seat of the car. He looked at Feng Jie with cherishing eyes, as if nothing seemed to be enough. He now regards his family as more important than his career. He has already lost it once and does not want to lose the happiness that God has bestowed on him. Although he was a little anxious about the company’s affairs, today he saw Feng Jie’s sadness disappear. Feng Jie closed her eyes and nestled in his arms, enjoying the warmth and happiness. “Mr. Wu, where are you going?” Xiao Zhao asked when he started the car. ..


Chapter 1 Father-in-Law Enters the City
Chapter 2 The Secret Garden
Chapter 3 Renters in the Car
Chapter 4 It depends on your performance
Chapter 5 CǎoP Fear
Chapter 6 Take what you need
Chapter 7 Hard-won promotion opportunities
Chapter 8 Mindset
Chapter 9 Wake Up From Dreams
Chapter 10 finally took this step
Chapter 11 Cloud Summit
Chapter 12 Compromise with the Boss
Chapter 13 Plaything
Chapter 14 The villa is tangled. Mian
Chapter 15 He Liangdian. Words
Chapter 16 Finally Ended
Chapter 17 Desire
Chapter 18 Helping to Bathe
Chapter 19 Desire
Chapter 20 Jìn Taboo
Chapter 21 Promotion
Chapter 22 Office
Chapter 23 Press.
Chapter 24 Undressing. Belt
Chapter 25 Flirtation
Chapter 26 Father-in-Law Hospitalization
Chapter 27 Toilet
Chapter 28 Thrill
Chapter 29 He Liang is Back
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