World Egg Day on the 2nd Friday of October

World Egg Day is the 2nd Friday of October. “World Egg Day” began for the first time after the conference of the International Egg Commission. In Vienna in 1996 or 1996, the meeting determined the second Friday of October each year to be “World Egg Day”. Therefore, for this year 2019 or 2019, the second Friday of October is the 11th. October was held in unison around the world.

According to history, it was said that there was a “egg day” or a day to celebrate the egg since ancient times. From evidence that was discovered in the Roman era There was a term in those days called “Holy Roman Day of Eggs” or a sacred egg celebration. Which is celebrated for 500 years before disappearing. Later in the later era Began with many countries turning to celebrate eggs again In particular, the United States of America designated June 3 as National Egg Day. There will be an event to promote eating eggs in many states.

Until 1964 or the year 1964, there was a meeting on international eggs in Bologna, Italy and resolved to establish “International Egg Commission” or the International Egg Commission formally There is an official board of responsibility With members from over 80 countries around the world, the World Egg Commission says Who went to a meeting in Vienna Then set to have the World Egg Day every second Friday of October thereof. The conclusion “World Egg Day” is real and there is really To promote eating eggs Which the World Egg Commission says Confirm that eggs are the ultimate food that is full of value, including 10 benefits such as strengthening the body and nourishing the brain, etc.

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