ASEAN Foods by Country

ASEAN Foods by countries are the general food from each country like traditional foods when you visit one of those countries. This will be interest food such as:

1. Brunei – Ambuyat is a popular food in Brunei. Has a distinctive feature that the flour is sticky, like porridge or porridge, with sago flour as the main ingredient The Umbiyat flour itself has no flavor, but its deliciousness is dipped in a sour fruit sauce. There are also 2-3 side dishes such as fresh vegetables wrapped in grilled banana leaves or fried meat. Must be eaten in the hot season to be the best

2. Cambodia – Amok is a popular food in Cambodia. Resembling a Thai steamed bun By bringing fresh fish meat, blanched, chilies, curry paste and coconut milk, then cooked by steaming Which aside from using fish May choose to use chicken instead As for the reason that people in Cambodia prefer to eat fish Due to the geography of Cambodia has abundant water resources Making fish is a food that is easy to find.

3. Indonesia – Gado Gado is a popular food in Indonesia Consisting of vegetables And a variety of grains, including carrots, potatoes, cabbage, bean sprouts, and green beans. There is also tofu. And hard-boiled eggs, too, will be eaten with bean sauce similar to satay sauce. However, with herbs in the sauce such as coriander root, shallots, garlic, lemongrass, so that when eaten, it will not feel too greasy.

4. Laos – Salad Luang Prabang is another famous food. Due to its central flavor, it can be eaten by both the East and the West, with the main ingredient being Nam Phak, a wild vegetable that grows along the stream. And also contains other ingredients such as yam, cucumber, tomato, boiled egg, lettuce and boiled pork. The seasoning method is Topped with clear salad dressing Mix all the ingredients together. Then garnish with fried garlic And roasted peanuts

5. Malaysia – Nasi Lemak is most popular food in Malaysia, with Nasi Lek being rice cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaves, along with 4 side dishes such as fried anchovies, sliced ​​cucumber, hard-boiled eggs and baked beans. Which Nasi Le usually has wrapped in banana leaves And often eaten as breakfast But now Became a popular food to eat at every meal And widespread in many neighboring countries such as Singapore and southern Thailand too

6. Burma – Lahpet is a popular food in Myanmar. By bringing fermented tea leaves to be eaten with side dishes such as fried garlic, various beans, roasted sesame, dried shrimp, ginger, roasted coconut, which is similar to the Miang Kham of Thailand Which this donkey Will be an indispensable food menu for special occasions or important festivals in Myanmar It is said that if any party or celebration No hilarious Considered that it is a job that is completely lacking.

7. Philippines – Adobo is a popular food in the Philippines. Made from fermented pork or chicken, marinated with white vinegar, minced garlic, bay leaf, black pepper, cooked in the oven or frying, then eaten with hot steamed rice. In the past, this dish Popular with travelers Since the adobo ingredients can be preserved for a long time Suitable for carrying as food supplies while traveling. Currently, Adobe has become a popular food that can be eaten anywhere, anytime.

8. Singapore – Laksa is famous food of Singapore. Laksa is similar to tom yum noodles with coconut milk. Make the flavor rich Similar to Thai Khao Soi Luxa has a mixture of dried shrimp, chilli, boiled shrimp and scallop, perfect for those who like to eat seafood. However, Luxa has both coconut milk And without coconut milk, but the type that is more popular

9. Thailand – Tom Yam Goong is a savory dish that is suitable for eating with hot steamed rice. The aroma of herbs is a component of Tom Yum Kung. In addition to being refreshed Also helps to stimulate appetite as well And because Tom Yum Kung is a sour food. And mainly spicy Make it not greasy. Therefore making Tom Yam Kung is a popular food in all parts of Thailand. As well as foreigners are also fascinated by the deliciousness of Tom Yam Kung as well.

10. Vietnam – Vietnamese Spring Rolls are one of the most famous local food in Vietnam. The deliciousness of Vietnamese spring rolls Is the wrapping of rice flour made from rice wrapped in filling Which may be chicken, pork, shrimp or pork sausage, which is combined with many kinds of herbs such as mint, lettuce and served with sweet dipping sauce With roasted beans, carrots, sliced ​​radish, chopped as desired And sometimes there may be other side dishes as well.

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